NOTD – Katy Perry OPI “Teenage Dream” polish, Limited Edition

It’s not the newest news that O.P.I. released a limited edition Katy Perry polish collection about 2 months ago, but the demand for the collection hasn’t worn off just yet, or at least in my case it hasn’t.

The one I got is not quite the novelty that Black Shatter is, which almost sold out, but I think this shade is the more wearable of the two polishes and I’m glad I got my hands on this one, or rather got this on my hands :).

I acquired the pink glitterbomb sensation Teenage Dream and it arrived safely via Ebay almost 2 months after I ordered it.  The in-your-face sparkle in this polish probably doesn’t suit everyone.  It takes a substantial amount of quirkiness to wear something this sparkle packed on your fingertips and the magic all hangs in the second coat.  Teenage Dream contains Pink Shimmer and big round glitter, I love how two sizes of sparkle give nails a hint of a 3d effect.  I tipped my nails first with white before putting on two coats,  and I finished with two layers of top coat to seal in the glitterbomb.

I couldn’t bear the thought of my nails looking dodgy once dirt got underneath, this is a transparent polish so the way I wear it is tipped with white first as you would do in a French manicure and it just lifts the look and adds a tad bit more sophistication.

I understood the delay in shipping after the catastrophe of the Japan earthquake, even  though this came from the U.S. all the shipping lines or flights in the Asian area were most probably affected.  Below is the product promo shot of all 5 polishes in the Katy Perry collection.  From left to right you have “Last Friday Night” a pow-wow sparkly blue, “Not Like the Movies” a rich silver,  “The One That Got Away” a pretty plum, “Teenage Dream” glitterbomb pink glaze, and the ever popular “Black Shatter”, a black effects polish that crackles and separates when layered over a base coat.


Black Shatter is of course my next pursuit.  This is how the four base polishes look with Black Shatter layered on top.


O.P.I. polishes can fetch anywhere from Php700-Php800 locally in a place like Rustans for example, I didn’t want to pay that much and preferred to go the long cheaper way around, Ebay, hehe.  I got Teenage Dream for a total of about Php570.00 when converted from U.S. dollars, and yes, it’s brand new, without the box, and not used.


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