So, who did lovely Kate’s wedding make-up?

( Random photos from Google)

Betcha won’t guess who even if I gave you two minutes to put up a name or two.  So who do we thank for the lovely simply fresh face on William’s bride yesterday?

Why, none other than the bride herself!  According to several online sources Kate Middleton opted to do her own make-up for the wedding since the trial looks offered by a handful of recommended professionals did not please or suit her and she felt more comfortable in keeping the task simple and expense free.


I mean, she looked so amazingly good, so good in fact that William couldn’t resist doing this twice.


Good job, Kate, you have a fan right here. By the way, dear Duchess, please insert that Alexander McQueen (by Sarah Burton) dress promptly into an appropriately sized Royal Mail pouch and ship it to my mom’s office thank you.  It’s just so, so pretty.


While everyone thinks Kate’s dress reminds them of Grace Kelly, I happen to remember a different wedding dress altogether.  Watch this video.


Ring a bell dunnit?  How close can you get?  All it lacks is a Daddy in arm, brown hair, BBC, bright lights, and red carpet.



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