On the road with Living Asia Channel


So, once again wanderlust’s arrow strikes true.Β  I’ll be on the road, out and about for 6 days with Living Asians as a writer/host (reliving past glory LOL) and I’ve got a 10 hr trek ahead of me, and guess what, thanks to WordPress for Android I won’t be leaving you behind :).Β  This is my first official Android blog post so I’m actually keying this in with my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 phone.

This photo here from this afternoon was only taken in Alabang, straightaway the obvious bit is it’s not part of the upcoming journey, but for me today’s sunset was the perfect glimpse and preview for my oncoming trip. Expect unusual posts and a “what’s in my bag” travel beauty blab and on the go reviews armed only with a flashfree phone camera (fingers crossed).

In My Bag at Isabella
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