4U2 Envy mini Palette – 12 silky eyeshadows for Php450+

I shot these product shots months ago and life gobbled me up so I forgot about this, but this was one of my travel staples on this last road trip to Isabela.  I got the 4U2 Envy Palette in one of the beauty sections at SM department store for Php450+, these are also available I think at select Watson’s outlets.  I think I picked this up in SM San Pablo, so this should be available in the bigger branches of the NCR region as well.

This Envy palette by 4U2 is amazingly handy and compact because it’s only about 2×4 inches in size and has an edge to edge mirror that won’t leave you frustrated.


The palette holds 12 pigmented eye shades, 6 neutrals and 6 vivids (a word?!), and they glide on like buttah…

I’m super loving the shade in the leftmost bottom corner, and the rich copper one beside it…continue reading to see hand swatches and neutral and vivid eyes that I did mostly with my fingers :).


…all except for that super dark shade in the upper left corner, for some reason, it’s a bit of a dud to swatch and blend, that one was my only letdown.  There was another palette of colors, there were two available types of Envy palettes, the other palette had pastels and sandy neutrals but no dark shades.  The shades have no names and since I’m lazy to elaborately describe anything today I’ll let the photos speak for themselves mostly.  Here’s a quick neutral look I did, and I used mostly fingers to blend the shadows together :).

I decided not to show the photo with liquid liner since it overpowers the neutral shades.  Here is a different look using the vivid shades, some greens with the pink and purple blended in with the gold.


For this vivid look, I did also use a black eye pencil afterwards, my AVON SuperShock gel liner pencil to sketch in a graphic bold line around my rainbow eyes with a very subtle outward, not upward, flick.


I didn’t extend the flick upward like an elevated cat eye, I kept the defined bold line close to the upper and lower corners, working the pencil all the way around even into the inner corner of my eye past the tear duct.  I like that the gel pencil effect is bold but not as harsh as a liquid liner so it ties in the very artsy somewhat avante garde look of the eye.  I’m quite excited to be playing again with my make-up because I have some big news to share, I’ll be going somewhere in about a month and I won’t hesitate to say that this opportunity is a hugely exciting level up for me.

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  • Hey Jules! love the shades! might get this the next time I’m in SM. My Dollface shadow palette’s too big for travelling!