Haus of Gloi Joy – Spring 2011 Bubbling Scrubs

I can’t help but smile every time I experience a new Haus of Gloi scent (U.S. Purveyors of Fine Vegan Bathing goods), and two of Matt and Britton’s 2011 Spring collection bubbling scrubs made it to me right on the fringe of Philippine summer before the monsoon rains begin pouring in.


From the Haus of Gloi website I clicked on these unsuspecting tubs of scrubs, Milkmaid and Selkie.  In my opinion these two scents can be easily stereotyped as his and hers scents.


The feminine and somehow nubile scent, Milkmaid, mildly disappointed me only because I was hoping it wouldn’t have Haus of Gloi’s signature sweet stamp like some of their other foodie fragrances.  Fresh, sweet milky notes hit you instantly, but I’m not completely turned off.  Following Milkmaid’s sweet note follows a slightly floral, baby powder, slightly soapy scent that I like.  So I prefer how Milkmaid lingers rather than its first impression.  My favorite however, is the non-foodie fragrance of bluish scrub Selkie, and what a fresh, clean, handsome scent it is!

I love how when I opened the lid Selkie’s scrub surface was already tipped with ocean wave peaks.  Doesn’t it look like a surfer wave?  Whether deliberately done or not, its physical form screamed the scent out to me even more.  Selkie is a clean, fresh, slightly herbal, laundry scent, not a foodie scent at all, with what I thought was a hint of freesia though it may not be freesia, and I love its description even though it doesn’t totally spill the beans on its composition “The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood, and wild sage.”  Its smell kind of reminds me of the old white Lifebuoy and blue Irish Spring soaps but with herbal sophistication, I used to hold those soap boxes up to my wee nose at the grocery.  I also like that for once, it smells like something you can  give to a male friend or relative.  Selkie’s smell doesn’t shout FOR MEN ONLY but soothingly suggests NOT JUST FOR WOMEN, I can hardly wait for my next bath to try my Selkie Bubbling Scrub.  If you’re interested to know how a bubbling scrub behaves on the skin, click here to read my review on the Absinthe bubbling scrub where I scrub my hands to test it out :).


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