HBC SanSan Soleil Lipstick – Super Moist Lipcolors for Summer

HBC, The Home of Beauty Exclusives, one of the leading personal care companies nationwide, contacted me over a month ago asking if they could send me their summer collection of products.  I had them picked up at the HBC Branch alongside the Ayala MRT Station in Makati.  Having managed a salon setup, I can immediately say that HBC is one of the leading suppliers of salons for lots of good value personal care products especially for simple things like nail care as well.  These lipsticks from the lot sent to me quickly caught my attention, their hydrating SanSan lipsticks from the Soleil collection.

These lipsticks which cost under Php120.00 or about $2.75 come in three summery shades.  From the left you have Pink Tropics, Peach Ibiza, and Nude Caribbean.  In my opinion these shades are a good selection given the affordable price.  Lip coverage from these is moderate, but not sheer at all to my delight after 2 to 3 swipes.  Continue reading to see swatches and these lippies on my lips!


The texture on these lipsticks reminds me of the NYX Round Lipsticks.  SanSan’s Soleil lipcolors have got a fair amount of slip, slightly less slippery than the NYX lipsticks thankfully, and no drag at all.  First in line to the lip throne is my favorite, Nude Caribbean which is a deep creamy mauve-y pink suitable for medium to fair skintones.  Because I like it so much, this deserves two photos :)! Excuse my nose in these photos, it’s huge because of the subtle lens distortion.

SanSan Soleil Nude Caribbean is absolutely gorgeous, this was applied straight from the bullet without a lipliner or even lip balm, Ladies.  There’s a bit of high shine going on there, dare I say Chanel Rouge Coco-esque?  Next up is Pink Tropics,  a mildly blue tinged flamingo pink, I think this shade would be absolutely rockin’ on slightly fairer mestiza Filipina.  I’m fair but yellow toned and closer to a medium level in skintone.

Honestly, there’s not much to say for the lasting power, it’s not a letdown for the price probably about 2-3 hours without eating, but the wear on these is extremely comfortable and you won’t be hurting your lips at all if you gently wipe this off to reapply.  Last up is Peach Ibiza, a very pretty shade, but the one that suits me the least.  I don’t do extremely well with orange-y shades because I’m so yellow.  This looks a bit clownish on me and would suit someone with a cooler, rosy, fair skintone.

I do have a tip for lip care though, be kinder to your lips and have a packet of moistened wipes handy on the go, it makes rubbing off dry chapped lip layers pain-free, clean-up for mistakes a snap, and reapplying lipstick easy.  My only letdown about these lipsticks is there are only three shades, and I really wish there were more shades for deeper skintones, there’s a way naman to find these same 3 shades and bring them several notches in tone down to something that would suit the skins of our beautifully exotic morena Pinays.  Their color speaks of the islands, and with the number of times I’ve tried to tan myself silly I really hope we acquire more cosmetics locally to suit their type of skintone as well. Overall, I’m quite happy with these SanSan Soleil lipsticks especially because they’re so affordable and easy to apply, so I must end with a photo of my favorite, Nude Caribbean…

…seriously, Nude Caribbean is going into my personal kikay kit. Zip!

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  • lei

    lovely colors! thanks for the review & swatches, would love to try the nude & pink