BlessMyBag will Make Up For Ever and Sing, too

I did mention awhile back that I was going to take a trip and its purpose would be very significant for me in terms of my new path.  Soon and very soon I am going to Sing.  No, not hit a few notes, I’m going to Singapore, first for vacation and in my last week I’ll be surrounded quite often by this logo as I go into professional training with these guys, but I won’t be doing these avante garde looks just yet, just the starter course for now :).


Continue reading to see the last make-up photo, Make Up For Ever’s “Unretouched” video campaign, MUFE products I’d like to own, and my personal insight on my upcoming trip.



At first, a few months ago I thought I was kidding myself when a friend mentioned that there are so many make-up artists now because, from what she reckons, the top 2 career fields in trend (other than being an actor or popstar) are the culinary arts and make-up artistry.  The reason I chose Make Up For Ever is because of the continuous message by their brand that fine make-up is an art, and I’m liking their new “Unretouched campaign”.  Watch the making and the actual campaign video here.  The first video is the making and the second is the actual finished campaign video.


I find it so ironic that this is MUFE’s campaign because I myself come from the nocturnal realm of post production, and have digitally “retouched” and “reshaped” so many women for over 6 years to earn a living.  Girls are undeniably competitive, but I didn’t plan to elbow my way into the beauty industry at all simply coz I’ve loved putting on make-up ever since I graduated from Fine Arts in 2003.  Seeing scores of girls entering make-up artistry left and right did jar me a bit, especially since I only decided to branch out to cosmetics after my first long career in digital effects and animation (post production) .  I’m also thrilled to be going to Sing because of this store, tada! Mom said we might stay here the whole day if I like, for all that’s morally appropriate hopefully not LOL.


Deep inside, I was like “God please, is there room for me in this field?  I mean how unique do I need to be?”.  In the end, I’ve taken comfort in the thoughts that His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me, and that I love doing this for a reason.  There’s room for everyone’s purpose in Christ Jesus.  While a season of grand and glorious Make-Up artists stands before me now, so does the definition of “season”, all things pass and those glorious moments that fall on those before me will move on to make room for me, too.  A few products by Make Up For Ever that I’d like to own are the Rouge Artist lipsticks…


…and I wouldn’t mind collecting various colors of their vivid, waterproof Aqua Creams (all over face color).  Waterproof counterparts of the MAC Paint Pots.

Photo credit: Temptalia

PHOTO CREDIT: Charlotte Thompson aka Lipglossiping

Close-up 4 pots photo is by Temptalia and by clicking on the purple hand swatch you can see a review of the deep #19 purple MUFE Aqua cream here by my friend Charlotte of Lipglossiping 🙂

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