Random Ramble – The Equivalent of a Life Update

So, first thing’s first, the truth should be out, that I’m no longer a salon manager.  I was not fired, nor was there an overwhelming problem, incident, or performance issue, I agreed with those supervising that a more “free” and less committed schedule would be better for me as an writer, blogger, and eventually full-time make-up artist hopefully, also I wanted to free up to be able to attend the healthy flow of events that’s begun to stream my way, in fact, regretfully because of the committed position I missed an offer to go to China for free (slap me pretty), and that woke me up to how important it was to make myself available. Intermission, a shot from Isabela  taken by Oying of Living Asia, overtly straight posture here gives away that I’ve got bad posture in real life, I’m a hunched ‘lil thing.


This does mean that I need to update my career info in my About page…which I have lazily overlooked.  So, I’m somewhat in limbo at the moment as I await my trip to Singapore where I’ll be studying professional make-up, yes, I’ll try and take you along for that one. Now, I’m practically a freelance MUA, blogger, and writer.  I am still loosely connected with Tinette & Co. and Living Asia Channel.  Oh look, friends from Isabela…


I really ought to get in the game and market myself as a make-up artist but I can do that full blast when I get back from Singapore, after I get glossy and certified.  The rest I’ve put off for so many years in doing post production has begun to sink in and take hold of me (not even full blast).  The sleep that ought to have been has chased me down…I find myself falling asleep in chairs and closing my eyes while in odd places.


This is the unstructured joy of exploding thoughts onto a page, without a single plan or post in mind.  While it would be impressive, blogging about “stuff” EVERYDAY in my case is out of the question because it would mean that I’d have to amass cosmetics to review on a regular basis which of course is not acceptable, unless companies provide a continuous flux of press samples or if gobs of shopping allowances showed up on my doorstep everyday.  Freebies come every once in awhile only, and while I do have a few to review at the moment I’m sparing them, for now I’m swatching me and my life, you see?  So yes, the occasional long gap between reviews simply means that either 1. I’ve been caught up with other things, 2. No press samples or ebay purchases have arrived. 3.  I don’t need anything therefore don’t buy anything yet.  Products are for using, too, not just swatching.  By the way this hat I’m wearing is so cool on me and it isn’t even mine, it belongs to our cameraman Oying…I wore it for as long as he let me throughout our trip hehe.


I figured I’d just say something for now, since this is my space in spite of all the cosmetic clutter, there were some things I thought I had to be clear about and update you girls on since I rode in with horns blasting months before about my newly minted salon position and only months later I’m back to being a freelancer again.  I recently told a friend of mine that I felt like such a late bloomer to be exploring at the age of 28.  Yelle joyfully told me “We’re in flux, and it’s ok to be…”, yes, and I do know God led me to this point where I know what I enjoy and am seeking it out to be even better at it.  I’m really excited about where I am :).


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  • yowhan

    God bless you on wherever the Lord will lead you Julia..Have fun in Singapore soon..:)

  • Be at 16 or 28 or even 45, as long as you find happiness in what you do, I believe you’re on the right path 🙂 Congratulations and God bless on your new endeavor!

    P.S. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but I’ve been a quiet reader :p

  • I don’t think you’re a “late bloomer” 🙂 I have a friend who chose to become a doctor at age 32 🙂 If anything, as we grow older, we see our paths clearer and our steps are more certain. Think about it, at 20, were you as brave and determined as this?

  • you’re story is inspiring. i recently quit my corporate life to go freelance too. i have more time with my kid now and i get to do projects that i love. 🙂

    love the hat by the way! and oh and i think we have a common friend. maj of cinemasters 🙂 saw you in her facebook pic.