Nivea Creme Celebrates 100 Years with Rihanna

The story about Nivea’s staggeringly pretty spokesperson and her grandmother is really cute, since I can absolutely relate to her memories about what came out of that big blue tin.  I believe in the idea that good stuff stays and Nivea Creme has been that good stuff for families for one whopping century!

The classic, blue-tinned, affordable moisturizing favorite among lots of families worldwide, Nivea Creme, celebrates its 100th birthday this year with that gorgeous singer with enviably flawless caramel skin, the one and only Rihanna.  This is an official Nivea Rihanna image.

Nivea’s global celebrity spokesperson admits she was a bit of a tomboy when she was young who didn’t care much about personal care then, but “Ri-Ri”, or Rihanna as she is to us, has fond memories of her grandmother slathering a lot of Nivea Creme on her at every possible moment.  Yeah, start  ’em young, keep ’em young I say.  Did you also know that Rihanna’s mother was a Make-up Artist?  Anyway, Rihanna trivia aside for a moment, what I’m actually absolutely wanting to rave about is one of the anniversary gifts the brand had for guests, yes and bloggers who were exclusively invited aboard the Nivea Blue Boat in Hamburg Germany to celebrate its 100th year…the cutesy gift is this gorgeous Rihanna wrapped and “signed” Nivea Creme Tin (photo credit: invited bloggers who were aboard the boat).

Yes, I can see you’re smiling, and your head’s tilting just like she is, but don’t dart out the door to get one for yourself because you won’t find any, unless someone you know was on that blue boat in Germany and he/she loves you like Nivea loves Rihanna.

Sorry, but these tins aren’t for sale apparently and were exclusively for those who were there to celebrate. I’ll eat my words if one shows up on Ebay, but I doubt it.  I know I’m feeling sorry to myself, too, I’d like one as well!  Here’s a bit of Nivea trivia for you beauty fanatics, I’ve read elsewhere that classic Nivea Creme has practically the exact same base ingredients as the expensive cult beauty cream, Creme de La Mer, it excludes only a few mysterious extracts and vitamins and of course Nivea is only a fraction of La Mer’s cost at $7 for 6oz (about Php300+).  If you’re an organic purist or vegan skip this then because the formula, JUST LIKE Creme de La Mer’s base, contains Mineral Oil and Lanolin alcohol (an emollient that helps imitate the natural feel of soft, supple skin).  The original classic Nivea creme formula is exclusively produced by Germany and I’ve read that it is a slightly purer mix than that contained in the global tins distributed worldwide…yes, like those available at your friendly neighborhood Watson’s which contain just a few more “fillers” than the original cremes sourced from Germany.  I remember that blue tin sitting properly on my grandmother’s bedside table, it was one of her beauty staples back in the day.

The talk about Rihanna and Nivea has made me feel curious and nostalgic, and I just might go out and find a tiny blue tin just for me, maybe the scent will bring back some fond memories of being in my grandmother’s bedroom where I was once very, very happy. 🙂

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  • I have been using nivea for 4 years now and it really made my skin smoother. I apply it on my face religiously every morning and night. I also recommend this product.