Chanel Bronzing Base “Soleil Tan de Chanel”…formerly Bronz Universel

I’m proud to introduce my very first ever and only Chanel purchase in my entire life…so far, the ever popular and praised bronzing base “Soleil Tan de Chanel”.  According to the saleslady at Ngee Ann City in Singapore I actually now own the very last one they had in stock for that week.

I was thinking of getting Bobbi Brown’s new little concealer kit, the tiny one that reminds me of a contact lens case, but I found the price at $50+ SG quite over the top for the size.  For this Chanel bronzing base I get a huge amount as you can see above for $63 and the huge size even surprised Janene, my sixteen year-old shopping partner for that day “It’s a bit expensive but look at how big it is! It’s a lot.” she said.  The perfectly swirled product inside earned a smile from me.

The product’s unique selling point is it happens to be the bronzer that fits almost all skintones from pale to medium and it’s a great complexion brightener and radiance booster for darker skins.  Don’t be deceived by the look of creaminess, it’s not like night cream or cold cream, it’s a thick dense solid packed cream base product which kind of has the base consistency of MAC Studio Fix foundation compact, you have to work your brush or sponge into it firmly if you want to get a lot.  If you have a closer look there is a hint of nearly microscopic shimmer particles, almost but not entirely undetectable.  Continue reading to see more up close photos, an arm swatch and see Lisa, a celebrity and fashion make-up artist, apply this product on herself in a video :).



It’s beautifully deep, and it smells mildly fragrant but not overly so, it looks so good I could almost eat it LOL!!  It reminds me of peanut butter, and Reese’s.  See the tiny luminescent shimmer?  There’s only a fraction of it to add radiance (not shine) to the skin.


This product is a kit staple for the likes of the Pixiwoo sisters and other makeup professionals like Lisa Eldridge who have used this for many, many years even before Chanel changed the main title of the product from Bronz Universel to Soleil Tan de Chanel.

It looks so natural on the skin, when I swatched this it almost looked like I’d given myself a birthmark of some sort.


It’s more often used as a contouring agent by the cheeks and jawline for deepening and adding definition to the face, that’s if they’re not choosing to darken or make a person look like they spent a long day at the beach.  In minimal amounts and with expert application people with fair to medium skintones can also use this to make their natural complexion 1 or 2 shades deeper.  Let’s watch Lisa Eldridge give herself a bit more color and tan herself but not excessively, you can watch her do it in this soft summerl look video :).



Inspiration - Singaporean Make-Up Artist Kenneth Soh...based in UK
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  • oooh… the way you described the product makes me want to head to the nearest store and get me some of it! lol…

  • andrea

    This looks amazing! i’m intending to get one too. 🙂 Have you tried the chocolate bronzer by bourjois?

  • Maggie

    do you have an idea of price of this bronzer in the philippines? in rustans. 🙂