“Touchdown!” Says the Manila Girl, back from SG

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Hi!” to all of you and say that I’m back.  I wanted to blog at least twice before I left but my makeup classes in Singapore just got more tiring as the week-long course came to an end.  My first week was with my family and my second week was all about make-up :).

I was taking public transportation home everyday in my last week, which was very easy but tiring, after classes end at 6pm all the way to Punggol (last stop on the Northeastern MRT line, plus a bus to get home) from the Marina Bay area and it didn’t help that you’re not allowed to eat or drink at all on any form of public transportation so I was nearly dehydrated and exhausted more than half the time.  Water or candy is also discouraged, I’m not kidding, a friend saw a person be asked to get down from the train who happened to be a diabetic in need of candy.  At the station last week, my friend swiped my half drunk buko juice cup from my hand and stuffed it quickly into her bag “Are you kidding, give me that, this isn’t allowed, you want to be fined?  My friend got fined $500.” Singapore, I had a great time and your spotless city amazes me, the rules are working yes, but I think in some areas it would help to lighten up in one form or another, there must be a way people can drink freely.  I have TONS of stuff to write about because Singapore during sale season is a fashion and beauty blogger’s dream product hub encompassing western and asian cosmetic goodies.  However, right now, I’m just really quite tired and happy to be home.  I’ll have to catch my breath for now. 🙂

The Great Singapore Sale - My Little Lot of Loot
Inspiration - Singaporean Make-Up Artist Kenneth Soh...based in UK
  • Welcome back Julia!
    I can’t wait to read about and see samples of new make up tricks!