TOPSHOP potted Eyeshadow Mousse – Dress Up those eyes :)

I was quite delighted to discover the TOPSHOP Cosmetic Range at their outlet in ION Orchard which was launched I believe, mid last year?  They seem to have followed up the initial launch of products with a few new items in the collection.  I was aware the range existed but didn’t count on it to arrive on Philippine shores, last I checked it wasn’t available here, I’m not sure if that’s changed…feel free to correct me.  Sadly, a lot of the time, we don’t always get the best selection of brand collections, but Singapore as a first world country almost always does.  I picked up these two eyeshadow mousses (mice :))  in Glint and Tundra.  Agh, blast!!!  The pot has a dot!  I didn’t give these bebehs a good wipe over before shooting.


I nearly typed these in as “Cream eyeshadow” but Topshop’s cream eyeshadow comes in tiny tubes not in these pots.  Click on “Continue Reading” to see more photos and swatches :).



“Glint” is a warm cranberry tinted taupe eyeshadow mousse and “Tundra” is a deep olive tinted gunmetal shade.  They strongly remind me of my Benefit Creaseless Creams, which are potted as well and come to think of it, never been reviewed, but so far (I have Glint on my lids as I type this) I prefer these by a country mile (as Sam Chapman said).  For one, the finish is smooth and satiny, and the subtlemetallic look of it far outweighs the hint of shimmer it contains so I needn’t worry about unwanted sparkle getting all over my face, they’re foolproof given that you don’t need brushes…use fingers to blend in, and hey, they don’t move…once they set you’re set!  I know what makes this post incomplete is the lack of photos of these products on my eyes.

I am telling you these are so great that Glint went straight into my little personal kit.  I love that you can get away with a strong wisp of color over your eyelids for daytime, subtle but noticeable is what we want right?  That’s exactly what it’s giving me now without creasing or greasy lids, my lids are soft and dry, and it looks like I’ve “expertly” blended in the  usual pressed eyeshadow but the difference is these won’t budge.  I would say they’re buildable for the evening, meaning you can pack on more color by letting a first layer set dry then add more on top and let that set again.  I shall follow up with photos wearing these colors in another post.  Come have a closer look.  They’re metallic but not overly so and mildly shimmery but not irritatingly so…soooo…



Like I said, badly in need of eye photos, sorry bout that ladies, but I’ll follow up with that :).  I got these at $19 SG each, that’s about Php600.00 per pot.  Quite affordable in comparison to the Benefit Creaseless Creams, which I do like also, but don’t admire the finish of as much.  Do any of these shades appeal to you?  What are your thoughts on clothing brands bringing in cosmetics as part of their collections?


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  • I do like benefit birthday suit! 😀 i love the silver. but i would like to see happier colors. 😀

  • Yna

    i love my MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist, (a metallic bronzy-brown shade.) I wear it almost every single day. i should give these a try, though. These are way more inexpensive. The paint pots are P1,100 each but they last forever. I’ve used my current pot for two weeks straight and haven’t even made a noticeable dent on it. these two shades are very pretty. hope it becomes available here soon. 😀