My first eye cream – L’oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

So, it went like this, something a make-up artist said was replaying in my head for weeks  “The first parts of your face that age are your eyes.” Then few months later an Australia based half-Spanish pro model I worked with raved on prior to my doing her makeup about how she loved this eye cream for day, night, and before and after makeup.  Models’ eyes suffer.  Backstage at the runway they’re touched repeatedly and stripped repeatedly of make-up and the wear and tear of endless looks can bring on the signs of aging quickly.  It was so good it was almost gone in the tiny pot she showed me.  “Do you know this?   I love this…this stuff is amazing…look…mine’s almost gone…”.  The last usable layer of product had hit bottom and had a hole in the middle and she was digging in for the very last bit of it.  To my dismay, at the time, I found it was not available locally.  It was this!

While I don’t look my age, I feel my age, I’m 28…and I feel those late nights from an exhausting but satisfying long enough career in digital visual effects weighing in on my eyelids and for a long time now I’ve had  designer undereye bags to prove it.  I had great skin but horrid eyebags.  At one point I couldn’t stand it anymore, I’d get eyebags after digitally erasing someone else’s eyebags for TV, doing some digital concealing with my little Wacom tablet.  I was gaining a little pot belly from sitting while making someone else’s belly invisible, the irony of life sank in too heavily for me and while I know the most talented people who do this for a living and have the passion for it my spunky spirit just had to get out of the box.  Here’s a quick analysis of the cream’s consistency.


I’d recommend placing this in the refrigerator to chill the cream for a blissfully cool experience for your eyes after that staring competition with the computer monitor.  The Youth Code eye cream is a dense compact consistency in the pot, it is neither fluffy like cold cream nor runny like Cetaphil, and when you dip your finger in and simply touch the surface, which I have already done here, you don’t get a big blob of product when you lift your finger, you get a thin layer of light cream across your finger tip, a truly micro -refined consistency of cream, see how the surface in the pot has small peaks after I pull my finger out?  I don’t have have to “dig” into the pot for product, I only need to touch and drag gently so this pot (1.5 inches in diameter) will last me a long time.  I gently swipe and pat under my eye repeatedly till I’ve covered my designer bags up to the edge of the lashline then I do the same over my eyelid area up to the outer corners and above barely reaching the browbone.  The cream absorbs quite quickly to my delight after a minute or two and I like to swipe and pat a second layer on before I head off to bed.  It makes my eye area feel really hydrated without feeling oily.  I like it better than Clinique’s All About Eyes Cream which feels soft as well but rather rich and greasy, too much for me.  L’oreal Youth Code is made in Germany, the homeland of high grade creams and cosmetics.  Further research shows that even BB (blemish balm) cream’s begininnings were in Germany, a product which people usually think started only in Korea or Japan.  I purchased L’oreal Youth Code Eye Cream for about SG $42  (about Php1300)  in Singapore from Cold Storage Grocery in Sengkan.  I was delighted to see it on the shelf among other facial care items, it looked like this in the box.


I don’t have crow’s feet but I do have 2 fine lines under each eye already that weren’t there before and they catch my concealer like it was the plague and it annoys me to the bone every time I do my makeup.  I end up doing ceaseless patting to get rid of the creasing within those fine lines.   I don’t want to wait till I have more of them before I try and soften the blow of time on my skin.  As for the results of this on myself, only time will tell right?  It’ll be  least four weeks before I show you anything, the standard skincare proof deadline but frankly I don’t think this will do anything major in that span of time.  It’s more of a prevention product.  The best thing I’ve got going in this review for this product so far is that a professional model recommended it to me directly and I can tell you those girls don’t mess about with their skincare, their faces make a living so they take this stuff seriously and stick with what works.  I’ve talked about the L’oreal Dermo-Expertise Range before, it was  recommended to me and mom for our sensitive skin by our dermatologist.  I’m liking this so much I don’t forget to pat it on after baths and before bed when I see it on my dresser.  I’m hoping, paired with sleep, that it helps lessen the gravity of my dark circles.  Even if it isn’t primarily formulated for that we shall see.  I hope L’oreal brings this range here.

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