Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Pendant – In-Flight Duty Free Shopping

Flying to Singapore aboard Singapore Airlines has to be one of the best international flights I’ve experienced so far.  Inclusive of their being Asia’s best airline, SA boasts a highly pleasing shopping selection for those interested in their in-flight tax free shopping service.  One of my first on board purchases was this extremely pretty Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid perfume pendant which would eventually turn out to be my graduation gift to a cousin of mine who just graduated from high-school last summer.


The pendant is quite a weighty thing and is about an inch and a half in diameter, the top half of the pendant slides out sideways to reveal a tiny well of solid fragrance.  This one I got comes boxed upon purchase and lays within a handsome gold pouch which can double for a snazzy yet petite coin purse (perfect for taking the U.P. “ikot” jeep in style), but actually even though it would suit the purpose I’d still want to avoid it getting dirty and beat up so, maybe it’s best to forget I ever suggested that LOL!


Solid perfumes are now a booming trend but they aren’t new at all as these have been around as far back in history as the early Egyptians who would melt special wax that would hold scented oils to create perfume balms.  Even luxe brands like Estee Lauder have been creating ornate solid perfume treasures as far back as the 1960s or even earlier.  These have simply had a resurgence in the beauty market since what’s old is now the new and the likes of these make a starry comeback with nostalgic familiarity “Oh, Mom had one of those, cool!”.  Solid fragrances come in a similar form as lip balm, with a waxy base and since they come packaged as veritable trinkets they make for great gifts that are easy and hassle free to carry around in your bag without any risk of spillage.  Continue reading to see who popped in to check out this item, more photos, and a relaxing yet very thorough video by beauty blogger, London Makeup Girl on how to effectively make use of your solid perfume!


The pink and gold bauble even stirred up my kitten’s curiosity (Hi, Cloud!) and she had to come by for a closer look, then again without over-thinking she probably just thought I was being strange.


Up close, the pendant contains a well of white waxy perfume balm, which is slightly sparkled and maybe only aesthetically so.

In all honesty I wish the scent was just a bit more powerful to a certain degree (and of course I wish the well of product was bigger), you can definitely smell it when applied on pulse points, between the wrists and on the neck beneath the earlobes, but you do need to take a second or third rub into the balm into it if you want it to be more long lasting and extremely obvious to those walking past you.  Solid perfumes I believe can have better staying power but it depends especially if you get one of the more potent ones since as a balm they do not evaporate and wear away easily.  To note, I also mistook that this might be the Daisy “Eau So Fresh” scent because the flower pendant is pink as is the overall packaged look of the Eau So Fresh version of Daisy, but apparently the box says what it is, it’s the original Daisy scent.   To me it is mild, but not bland, and feminine, delicately and tenderly floral, not fruity but sophisticated, not as sharp as Miss Dior Cherie and not as sweet as its Eau So Fresh counterpart.  This is the official scent description of Marc Jacobs Daisy:

Enter the world of Daisy: fresh and feminine, with a playful innocence. At the heart of Daisy is a floral with vintage edge: violet. Sophisticated, with a touch of whimsy, violet captures the eclectic, vintage flavor of Marc Jacobs’ feminine, edgy designs. Always elegant, always enchanting – but not too serious – Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet, spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth.

Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

Bright. Alluring. Eternal.

This also comes in a black or white pendant which I saw for myself at the Duty Free Hall at Changi Airport but the saleslady couldn’t guarantee that what is stocked at the airport is available on the plane.  More limited edition items are always available on board and when you view the selection in the brochure they give you there are certain items that are individually marked as an airline exclusive, only available 30,000 feet in the air :).

I purchased Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume for about $70+ SG, tax free.  Here in this video below, London MakeUp Girl shows us how applying a solid perfume is best done, in her opinion.  She happens to be primarily a blogger, not a YouTube guru but I love how she does her once-in-awhile video reviews, they’re simple, easy to listen to because of her “laveli” accent, well-explained and she throws in a dash of dry British humor.


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  • I have one of this but the color is different, I have white instead of pink. 🙂


  • i have both! the white and the pink! simple love it hence i bought the pink after the white one! goes well with any simple plain tee/dress. By the way, you mentioned you got it at sgd$70? how come? i got it at sgd$68 which is inclusive of $15 shipping/delivery cost.