Make Up For Ever SG Pro Course – Back to School In Singapore

First world country, Check…professional makeup brand, Check…French teacher, Check…cool classmates, Check…tons of cool products to play with, CHECK!  Sorry bout the blurred outside picture.  In Singapore we were almost always in a hurry…the teachers were always giving us the impression to hurry…even from the restroom LOL!  Of course I know the time pressure is all about getting your money’s worth for the course.

I was told by my friend that before MUFE was in Raffles Place in Singapore it was in Stamford place and the studio there was really, really nice and spacious then.  A small part of my heart sank when I heard that, but only a very small teeny part.  Overall, I was still thrilled to have been a part of this professional course even if the module lasted only one working week at a smaller venue.  The course I took was the very first foundational course of the Pro series, Module 1, Fashion Makeup.  The course includes  the very basic fundamental techniques of applying makeup and acting like a professional artist,  using different foundations, and learning how to do properly done smokey eyes and banana eyeshadow.  No super artistic makeup just yet.

MUFE Professional and admin staffperson Kai serves a customer with an inquiry.  All testers are inspected daily to weekly and kept clean.

MUFE Pro Instructor and Pro MakeUp & Body Artist Camille Dievart.  Camille is French and she completed MUFE pro courses in the Paris Academy.  She now does runway makeup, makeup for television, movies, and even body art and prosthetics.

Camille is an in-your-face makeup professional with beautiful features, perfect eyebrows and a seriously aloof expression who won’t give you an easy time, which is exactly what I wanted in a teacher, someone who’d never make room for a teacher’s pet.  Like she said before our time pressured tests “Are you ready? When time starts, I’m giving you one hour then after, when that’s over, I am going to kill your makeup.  Make it good.” Continue reading for more yummy photos, some looks I did, and a video I took 🙂

Camille cleans my classmate Kashira’s face before slightly correcting her already-almost-perfect brows and then in the next photo she called me up and drew me a quick perfect “right” eyebrow which I shouldn’t have raised but anyway, which to you guys would be the one on the left.  Camille is crazy about eyebrows, she warned us that she would murder our work on eyebrows more than half the time.  Some of my classmates burst out laughing when I took my picture because I’m kind of like Camille’s polar opposite and it interrupted her lecture a bit, but she confirmed that we are encouraged to take lots of pictures, as many as we like.  Ugh, I see my pre-30 wrinkles under my eyes.  Then Camille finishes off what would be a perfect basic black smoky eye, dangerous because of eyeshadow fallout but most commonly used in the fashion industry.

The students materials kit (not complete in this photo, I’ll feature my students kit and how I use it in a separate post) you pay around $900 SG for, apart from $1100SG in tuition, includes several brushes, HD Primer, Natural Brush cleaner (not for synthetic brushes), MUFE Camouflage concealer and corrector palette, Sculpting kit (highlight and contour), MUFE Lipstick palette, sponge, eyebrow and lash tools, MUFE powder puff, a tower of 4 loose powder shades, MUFE Aqua Eyeliner in Black and an MUFE Soft Eyebrow pencil non-longlasting.  What I did to save money was I brought a bunch of my own makeup brushes, and had some approved by Camille so I didn’t need to buy all the branded brushes.  I saved about $70 SG by using some of my own tools.

Camille checks on our eyebrow practice on partners.

Pro Instructor Lisa fills in for Camille for just a few hours during one class day.  Here she demonstrates the use of MUFE Face and Body Foundation.  Lisa has been doing professional makeup for over 20 years…here is a video of her properly applying primer before foundation.

Rouge Artist Lipsticks

Body paint, stage makeup, flash colors, and panstick foundation sticks.

Black light fluorescent pigments.

Lunch partners Elizabeth and Kashira :).  Beauty junkies just like me :).

This is black smokey eyes and red lips practice.  The combination of both isn’t recommended but for this class quiz it was required because red lipstick and black eyeshadow both tell the teacher easily if you’re doing it correctly or not, mistakes are easily seen.  I had a major problem with fallout on this one, my loose powder guard which I sprinkled under her eyes didn’t catch the dropping black eyeshadow. I had to erase my base completely under her eyes and redo it up to the middle of the cheek before time was up.

This was a look I did quite well on, banana eyeshadow practice or (darkened crease eyeshadow) but Camille still asked me to correct my lips after this photo.  Our models, by the way, are extraordinarily normal girls like us, some are former students of the course as well.  What’s cool is, someone like me, who has completed a pro module is now eligible to sit as a model for their classes.  So anytime I’m in Singapore I can inform them that I’m in town and they can book me to model and as payment I may get MUFE Gift Certificates that I can collect to get free products.  By the way, sorry no before shots, that’s how pressed for time we were, it really got to my nerves, because many of the models were almost always…LATE.  Ok, I’m missing two looks from two other lessons among these photos because I had no one to take them while I was finishing.  So I’ll have to jump to exam day.  The first half of exam day was practice for the look.

The first photo was practice on my friend Ashom who isn’t Singaporean, nor Korean, can you guess?  She’s Indian, her whole family is Indian complete with Indian passports.  She did admit though that people they meet for the first time never believe they’re Indian.  This next photo was my final exam of course to keep us on our toes they never let us use the same model.  I decided to stick with simple brown smokey eyes to be safe.

Yey, and yes I passed.  But gee, I wish they’d written my name on the diploma properly haha…it didn’t even fit in my surname, Arenas. “Julia Maria Regina Pangilinan…” AND?!!! Yyes…the name is pretty long, but at least ask me how I want it written!  The first two days of the course were not so tiring, but the last three days had us on our feet for hours at a time so that plus commuting home to my friends’ place at the last stop on the Northeastern MRT line left me quite tired to say the least, but it was one of the best experiences of my life and I really want to take the more advanced modules later on.  Now, basically, it’s back to work, I’ll be setting up my portfolio, fixing the layout of this blog and putting together a website hopefully if time allows.  If any of you happen to be interested in this course you may email them here I’ll leave you with this video of Camille working on one of the sales staff at the studio, Mimi.  Here she teaches us how to do lips and I took the video with my trusty Samsung Galaxy S, an Android phone.

NOTD with KONAD Stamping Nail Art - Promo kit from SG, my first try
Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Pendant - In-Flight Duty Free Shopping
  • Yay! Congratulations, Julia! 🙂

  • sam

    The one I was talking about to you before was LISA!:)

  • Good job! I’ll be looking out for your name in glossies na 🙂

  • Congratulations Julia! 🙂

  • miss…erm do you have any for my makeup course? Cuz i need to study n learning makeup course. btw i wants to take personal makeup course can? how much the personal makeup course?

  • Wanny

    Hi 🙂 May i know how much is the course? And how does the payment goes? Are we supposed to pay one shot or by installments? Thanks! 🙂

  • celine

    i need to join the personal make up course for foundation. May i know have one week course provided? how much is he charges and included the tools?

  • Taylor Parker

    I am in love with this post! It’s so wonderful! I am all about using make up to emphasis the natural beauty that is already on your face. I love my eyes, and I think that they are so beautiful. But I love them so much more with a bit of make up on them, because it defines the lines around my eyes and makes my eye lashes look longer and darker than they actually are. I believe that even at a young age, women need to be brave enough to embrace all the things that they want to do and engage in beauty. I think that a beautiful woman would go so far in life if she knew what kind of potential she has. Growing up, my mom offered make up courses to women in the community, to teach about natural beauty. She had a wonderful way of delivering her philosophy – even better than I do. I was so thankful for her – especially now as an adult, for teaching me how to be brave enough to show my beauty.

  • Trisha

    Hey! 🙂 I found this post while searching for reviews of MUFE Academy here in SG. I was very happy to read this coz I am also a Filipino and I thought you will be the best person to ask. 🙂 I live in Singapore but will be moving back to Manila at the end of the year. I am having this dilemma for a few mos now.. I am thinking of enrolling ing MUFE Academy here in SG but some of my friends say that I can just enroll in Manila since it will be cheaper.

    I really need your advice. 🙂 Do u think its better to take the basic course here in SG or just do it when I get back in the Pihilippines? what can you say on the differences of rates and skills learnt?

    I really hope to hear from you. 🙂

  • Honest

    suggest you consider cosmoprof. they are professional teachers and the course is certified by an independent body. MUFE only gives certificate of attendance. The course at cosmoprof is about the same or cheaper.