NOTD with KONAD Stamping Nail Art – Promo kit from SG, my first try

Wow, it’s the first time my nails have hit their wild side.  This was fun to do and not too much of a hassle to achieve.  I know it’s not perfect this time, but it was my first attempt with the KONAD system entirely on one set of fingers.

I’ve seen Konad nail stamping kits in use before, by hundreds of bloggers and gurus online.  At first it seemed as if you needed to fidget and noodle about with the set quite a bit before achieving anything successful, but when it was demonstrated to me in person it turned out to be much simpler than I thought, it’s less about being talented or meticulous, it’s more about being quick and steady.

Konad has been around for a good number of years so they’re not new, but I was thinking they may not be that widespread locally.  From what I’ve read, KONAD stands for Korean Nail Art Design.  I scored this set at the Konad store on sale in Far East Plaza along Orchard Road, Singapore.  I found a local Multiply seller’s link, but I’m not 100% sure if the sellers are still active now, they claim to be the only licensed Konad sellers locally. I’ll post it below later.

It was a special promo set so I got all this, the Double-sided pink stamp with scraper, 1 design plate and 2 special Konad polishes in black and white for about SG $25, converted all together that’s about Php850.00. 

What made the Konad system extremely popular are these collectible design plates…there’s a wide range of them and some plates come with even simpler designs like single letter initials or single flowers and stars in varying sizes, paisley patterns, or stripes with different thicknesses that allow for more design freedom.  Individual plates cost about $6.00 US or Php250.00 each, but I’m sure there’s a truckload of them on Ebay or Multiply where you can get bunches of more plates for better value.  NOTE: The Konad system works  best at stamping designs using the Konad special polish for the design.  It’s a different formula from regular nail polish that allows the design to easily be lifted up by the rubber stamp from the design plate and adhere to a painted nail’s surface while drying quickly.  I’ll try to do a design using regular nail polish next time and let’s see if anything goes wrong.  Continue reading to see photos of a quick step-by-step Konad nail tutorial and find out how I did my zebra nails!

I started off by painting my nails white with Bobbie premium Nail Polish in Pure White.  Make sure your base polish is completely dry before you begin the stamping process.  Base polish can be any regular polish that you have. Konad Polishes are only used for the designs, not as base polishes.


Then I took the black Konad color and quickly painted a generous (but not gloopy) layer over the design I wanted, that would be the Zebra print.  You paint over it completely as you will need the entire design for your larger fingers.

Then this is where you need to be a bit quicker, take the scraper that comes with the stamp and scrape the excess off the plate.  Here I should have done it from top to bottom then directly off of the plate and not to the side because that would have been less messy on the plate.  Have polish remover, cotton, and tissue on standby, then put newspaper beneath on your working surface to keep things tidy.  For photographic purposes I didn’t here, but afterwards I did cover up the table.

Use the rubber stamp to pick up the design off the plate.  It’s better to do a rolling action in my case from left to right to make sure the entire design gets picked up evenly and cleanly.  Have a super quick glance at the stamp to see that your design got picked up properly and so you know how to position it over your nail.


Then now, you must do this in the least amount of time you can allow yourself to before the design dries up on the stamp.  With the same rolling action you used to pick up the design, roll the stamp over yournail and watch the design instantly transfer.  You may experience a  mispositioned application or two the first time you do it like in my case, with half of the design missing the nail and the rest getting on the side of your finger.

A properly applied design will have minimal feathering on the design’s edge and it’s ok if the design exceeds your entire nail, it’s supposed to so your nail gets covered completely.  The reason why my stripes aren’t perfect is I waited too long after the scraping step and my hands weren’t steady when I rolled the design onto my nail. Just take an orange stick or q-tip with polish remover and clean up all around your nail after stamping.  It’s also best to finish off with a top coat that will protect your design and make it last longer on your nails.  You can try checking out this link, there are telephone numbers there so you can check if these local Konad sellers are active I know that some of you would rather see a video to completely understand how it works so watch this :).





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