My facial cleansing pals, I alternate between these two…

When it comes to cleaning my face I like and need to keep things simple because my facial area is so sensitive.  I have normal to dry sensitive skin, I easily react, easily itch, and easily break out.  Though many may think that as a beauty blogger I try a truckload of different products on my face, that’s not the case when it comes to cleansing, and I test products not on my entire face, only on my chin area.  I keep cleansing simple because otherwise…I’ll suffer the consequences when I’m older.  I did mention the L’oreal Dermo Expertise Cleansing Milk in the past, but I use that for colder, drier seasons when I need moisture.  Generally through the years I’ve alternated between these two wonderful products to keep my skin clear and supple with no irritation.

I think I’ve given you ladies two pretty good options here, the Cetaphil Antibacterial bar is quite expensive at Php 350.00+ but lasts long if you keep it in a proper draining soap dish.  I can tell you, with sensitive skin almost everything that works can tend to be more expensive.  It can get frustrating.  These two buddies are my no-fail, no-doubt facial cleansers.  They won’t harm my skin and I get extremely good results when I use them.  I think it’s a pretty good thing that I’m talking about a liquid and solid cleanser, I know you like options, the common feature they share that’s a check on my list is their foaming action.  I can’t stand soaps that don’t foam.  Let’s talk about who I met first.

I’ve been using the Clean and Clear foaming facial wash as far back as when I was in high-school when I first tried it out…I’ve tried other things in between, but when my skin reacts to tell me it’s getting bored with the make-up product parade I go back to this cleanser to rebalance my skin and prevent zits.  It’s a glycerin cleanser that quickly foams and gets my skin squeaky clean but without drying it out, it leaves it soft with no residue. Recently, when I bought this again in Singapore it reawakened my skin and the surface felt as soft as when I was in high-school.  For some reason before leaving for SG I couldn’t find it here before I left, but I’m sure this is available locally because I bought my boyfriend the Clean & Clear Deep Clean Green Tea cleanser (which he likes he said) in Rustan’s grocery, and I can tell what I bought for him is from the same product line coz of the Chinese characters on the label.  Also, the Clean & Clear Philippines marketing team is very active online so I’m certain this product is still available.  When one of my brother’s half-British friends who came home from the UK brought his British girlfriend to the house we gave them a house tour and when she and her boyfriend saw this in my bathroom they were like “OMG, where did you get this, we’ve been looking all over for it and couldn’t find any…” they groaned when they said I got it in Singapore.  Now onto a more recent find, my Cetaphil cleansing bar.

Cetaphil’s Antibacterial Cleansing Bar meets the criteria in my head for simple white soap right down to the clean soap scent that’s neither fruity nor floral (I love it, it smells like it kills germs but won’t hurt you), but of course it’s a step up from simple soap because it’s by Cetaphil and it’s more than good enough for my sensitive skin.  There is a Gentle Cleansing Bar version but I like the Antibacterial one because it’s like Cetaphil with a plus, germ-killing action.  The clean white wonder comes boldly branded and neatly sealed in plastic inside the box so you get what you paid for it at its best.  When my face gets bored with the Clean and Clear one I will most likely search for this, I’ve intermittently come back to this Cetaphil product for about 4 years now and I think I’ve gone through 3 or 4 bars so far in the midst of rotation.

First off, in the soap bar department I was once a Dove bar user…but I hate how it melted and turned gooey so easily in the bath and ultimately my skin found it too rich and always got bored with it and started reacting to it also.  Cetaphil Cleansing Bar soap is a tender type of soap meaning if you give it a good whack when it’s wet it will disfigure but not as easily as Dove, and with a proper soap dish it turns firm again when dry.  This soap bar’s density is about right the way in the middle between Dove and Safeguard, not too soft, not too hard, just right.  I try and stop myself from using this for my body as well to get it to last longer.  It won’t melt away as fast as a Dove bar, like I said (for the millionth time) with a proper draining soap dish this will last about 2-3 months if you use it only for the face and a about a month if you use it for the entire body.  I love it because like the Clean and Clear facial wash it foams and rebalances my skin to keep it soft and it also kills zit causing germs.  This Cetaphil Anti bacterial bar is available at S&R Grocery and other select groceries that carry Cetaphil.  What are your preferences for facial cleansing, do you like foaming action or are you fine without it?  Do you prefer a liquid or a solid?

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  • I also remember Clean and Clear Facial Wash in 5ml samples given to us students back in high school. I liked using it then but did not continue. Now, I have super sensitive skin and it’s really hard to look for facial cleansers suitable for you. Glad you’ve found yours and having an alternative is also a plus!

  • Hmmmm. I have used Clean & Clear facial wash before, I don’t know if it was a regular version, and I remember it being too harsh for me. Maybe it just wasn’t compatible to my skin, or the formulation had something that I’m allergic to.

  • becca

    i found the clean and clear foaming facial wash in the shopwise makati grocery. i’ve been using celeteque’s facial wash but i needed something stronger and so i bought the clean and clear one after i saw this post πŸ™‚