Time to heal…

Without being overly informative I’d like to say that I may be “away” for awhile and express a few thoughts.  I’ve started a Just Julia category which is for  “personal” non-beauty related posts.  If there are any requests or questions regarding updates  just reach me via email, just click the Contact tab.  I’m going through a very personal and painful phase in my life right now.  Sometimes not everything falls into place with your beloved, there are times when things come crashing through to a screeching halt.  Sometimes even with lots of love, being yourself, and giving what you’re able to give, you’re both still unable to make a relationship flow and hurting each other happens often.  What’s even more painful is when you both recognize the truth after a handful of precious years together and it hurts not only both of you but the friends and family who support you.


Some of you may get what I mean, some may not, but that’s all I have to say.  I’m an honest person and I can’t pretend everything’s okay just to write about…”stuff”.  I just need some time to have my mind and heart move on.  The photo isn’t mine.  I just Googled and slapped it in there, it best shows how I’m coping.  If you’ve read this, thank you for taking the time to do so.  I might post random non-beauty related stuff…verses maybe or songs that move me or comfort me, but I’m quite uncertain of anything right now except this, that God loves us…

In Better Hands by Julianne
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  • Oh my… We don’t know each other personally, but, I feel you. Hope you’ll be better.

  • Much love, Juls. 🙂 You’ve got all of our support.

  • yowhan

    *hugs* for Julia.. You’ll be okay soon.. In God’s time..

  • I hope you feel better soon…

  • raquel

    hope all will be ok soon. hugs♥♥♥

  • Micah

    I know how you feel Julia. We’re on the same boat, plus we have a child. Just pray, every time you can.

  • I know we’re not really friends or anything but I’ve always loved your writing and will stick with the blog regardless of what you choose to post. 🙂 Also, hope everything will be fine soon.

  • Ohhh… I’m so sorry dear. I may be a stranger to you but I also went through the same thing. One thing that I learned about my situation is that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it sounds cliche but once I learned how to love myself again, I became alright. I believe that there is someone who’s much better. The past can hurt, but as with everything in life, we move on and we eventually heal. 🙂 I hope you are ok. Just stay strong.

  • teenee

    If all good things must come to an end, then don’t worrycoz all bad things eventually would end too. 🙂

  • Everything happens for a reason and if anything else, these trials can only make you stronger! don’t give up on your blogging! I really enjoy reading your posts! ☀

  • Dear Julia, let me know when you are back in town. Hope things are working out. Life goes on, and Love grows in a different ways. I know you hold on to the most unfailing Love there is, and that will always get you through. Have fun traveling 🙂 Miss your smile!