Those who don’t know Julianne immediately think “Liwanag” is a song of lovesick desperation…it is, but not for a person.  Liwanag is a Tagalog song of surrender to the Lord in a time of hopelessness.  “Liwanag” means “light” or sometimes when the word is used differently it can mean “clear” or “understood”.  This is one of Julianne’s few official music videos and the song pierces my heart in a painful yet good way…Tagalog lyrics are right below and I’ll put an English translation after.


“Liwanag” by Julianne Tarroja

Liwanag ng bagong umaga
Walang pagasang dala dala
Ni anino man o kahit ano
Hanap-hanap koy mukha Mo

Kahit sulyap lang
O paramdam
Sana ako ay pagbigyan
Alam ko’y Ikay nandayan
Naghihintay nakaabang


Di bale nalang
Kung hindi lang din Ikaw
Ang gigising sa umaga
Di bale nalang
Kung hindi lang boses Mo
Aking pakikinggan

Bawat buntong hininga
Bawat luha sa mga mata
Dinig Mo lahat ng sinasabi sa Iyo
Hawak ko lang pangako Mo

Na ni minsan hindi iniiwan
Lumayo lang aking tingin
Di ko kailangang maunawaan
Alam ko ito’y lilipas din




Di bale….
Di bale nalang

ROUGH ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Light of a new morning without any hope brought by anyone or anything, I seek Your face.  I wish You’d give me just a glimpse or even proof, I hope You consider my request.  I know You’re there waiting, just standing by.  CHORUS: I’d rather it not be if it won’t be You who makes the sun rise, I’d rather it not be if it isn’t only Your voice that I will listen to.  VERSE: Every sigh I make, each and every tear, You hear everything said to You, I’ll just hold on to Your promise that never ever did You leave me, It’s just that I looked away, I needn’t understand it all because I know these things will pass. CHORUS

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In Better Hands by Julianne
  • I too am experiencing heartbreak. The time I had with him was short, but it was enough to devastate me. It was my first time to love, so maybe the saying “first cut is the deepest” holds true for me. But whatever… Losing love is painful whether it is the first, second, or one’s third time to love. No matter the length of time and the depth of love too. People we love mean well and cheer us up but no one can truly comprehend what someone with a broken heart goes through but himself/herself. I hope that through brokenness, we can make ourselves whole again by complete faith in God

    I wish I could stay strong too… Thanks for posting these songs. I feel less alone in my plight. ☺