Style Snippet: Emma Watson, always lovely whether romantic or edgy

Harry Potter reaches its last film volume and Emma Watson is now free to do as she pleases with her career.  My style muse never fails to impress or overdo it.  She gets it right.  She also possesses a face that doesn’t seem to age as quickly as others would expect.


“Now that it’s over, Watson is reveling in the freedom to make changes—starting with a radical haircut that left her nervously fingering the feathery ends of the new pixie style that was inspired by such icons as Mia Farrow, Edie Sedgwick, Jean Seberg, and Audrey Hepburn.” – Emma Watson Interview – Emma Watson Quotes – Marie Claire

If there’s anyone I keep my eyes on when it comes to “well-balanced” event-appropriate style it’s Emma who over the years, she says, has played her own personality on-screen in the character of Hermione.  Although I’ve included several photos of her impeccably dressed one recent look in particular is what pulled me in, her exquisite black gold makeup for a New York Premiere of the second and final installment of  Harry Potter’s last film.  While her dress for this one wasn’t one of my favorites, her dark sultry makeup paired with her Bottega Venetta dress absolutely rocked the red carpet.


It was a graphic black look with gold pigment in the inner corners and accent gold flakes on the outer corners of her eyelids.  On other occasions, her beautifully shaped face is also blessed enough to be able to sport a pixie hairdo, one thing I’d never be able to carry well coz of my voluptuous face.  I love how her skin and lips are made up but kept natural and you can still see her freckles.  It’s lovely that she still has childlike spunk and enthusiasm even though she’s already a lady.

She got gold flecks on her eyelids?  Alrighty then…well I got gold flecks on my cake at Shangri-La…what say you?


My goodness, sooo pretty, but among her premiere dresses it was not this recent one that caught my eye.  Continue reading to see which dress it was…

It was this other pretty greyish powder blue Oscar De La Renta one with an enormous ruffled tulle skirt…and it made her look like a modern day princess.  This dress is something I would wear.

Whaaa LOVELINESS.  I also can totally relate to her being a teacher’s pet in Harry Potter as well as in real life, keeping straight A’s, competing to be top of the class, trying to get a seat nearest the teacher.  Hey, I’m proud of it and it’s why I can relate to her, at least that lasted till college for me (well only until I got dengue and started running around and dashing out of college classes for student council duties), it’s one of the few things I’m proud of .  I like being smart and trying to stay smart, there’s no shame in it my grandfather reassured me and Emma Watson feels the same way.


If you’re interested in “trying out” Emma’s graphic black-gold makeup look simply watch this video and follow Sam of Pixiwoo Youtube.

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  • She looks very much like gregory gorgeous. I love that she’s adventurous enough to do a pixie cut. It’s so adorable. Maybe, all these years, she’s been looking forward to the day she can get this hair cut 😛

  • jamaica

    she looks like victoria beckham in the third frame… her cut looks good on her, probably coz of her slim face…

  • i really love emma watson and even tried to copy her pixie cut, but I didn’t have the courage to go that short. lol! i watched the last of the HP Series last night and Emma was so pretty even with dust and soot all over her face.

  • She is pretty! Even in the last part where they made her look older.

    Anyway, I like your newest layout.