Mourning into Dancing – Nadeshiko Japan Football Team wins with spikes and nail polish

The most beautiful faces I’ve seen of late bore sweat and smiles after what may have been months of tears.  Nadeshiko Japan grasp at their World Cup trophy with pride.  The blue polish may have helped too, maybe.  Yamato Nadeshiko!

The Japanese National Women’s Football team  who have just won the World Cup takes its team name Nadeshiko Japan from the floral metaphor “Yamato Nadeshiko” which is the personification of an ideal Japanese woman as symbolized by the Nadeshiko flower or Fringed Pink blossom.

The woman the term refers to is fierce yet gentle, loyal, dependable and brave.  The words go back in time to the maintenance of highly honored virtues of a Japanese woman in wartime who is dedicated to both her husband and her family and ready to sacrifice herself for their benefit.

To understand why their performance was so moving, watch this video, here are all the major highlights of Nadeshiko Japan’s journey to the win in the Women’s World Cup.

Possibly put together by an official fanbase.  The passion in the commentator’s voices coupled with the team’s every move to strike just moves my heart so much for the people of Japan who have lately experienced so much tragedy.  My heart swells with pride for Japan, but in fairness though, I just had to put in this last photo of the opposing U.S. team’s goalkeeper, Hope Solo, because if there’s anything that this shot confirms about women football players it’s that they make it look good.

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  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    beautiful post, Jul <3 of course, i'm biased. kakaiyak nga that video… and that is a gorgeous shot of the Team USA keeper 🙂