Hear Sofia Coppola at age 5 sing the Philippine Anthem

Here is one face I’ve always adored, simple and pretty, but you know there’s something deeper that lies behind that smart smile or smirk.  Cool dad, effortless style, laid back modesty, creative wit, a kiss with Andy Garcia (Godfather), great films…what’s not to like about Sofia Coppola?

Here she is with the bag she designed for Louis Vuitton.  What a great collaboration.

In fact there’s more to this sophisticated lady than one would expect.  When she was a little girl, the Coppola family was based in the Philippines for a time because her dad, Director Francis Ford Coppola, had been filming Apocalypse Now, a film on the atrocities of the Vietnam war.  Sometime recently, unearthed from the dust of decades past, a recording of Sofia as a young girl resurfaced online and here is a photo of her I believe on the actual day of the recording (see the recorder around F. Coppola’s neck).

I’ve also posted it right here below the post for your listening pleasure, just click on the file name to play.  In the recording, her dad decided to ask his little girl to talk to her future adult self and somewhere in the middle of that recording Coppola reminds his daughter of their time in the Philippines and she quite surprised me.  It’s also interesting to note when she mentions her cousins one by one she mentions “nicky…” if I’m not mistaken she’s referring to her cousin, the now famous Nicolas Cage who is often mentioned as Francis F. Coppola’s nephew today.  Here’s the recording for your listening pleasure, be blessed and delighted. 🙂

Sofia Coppola Age 5 - Lupang Hinirang

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  • Sofia is so sweet. Great blog too. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  • leah

    so cute..super! enjoyed listening to this recording..I wonder how it feels to listen to your younger self. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • so lovely! 😀 thanks for sharing this. btw, the numbers in chinese that she recited was in fookien, not mandarin chinese 🙂

  • flor

    no accent att all…like she’s a filipino child singing her very own national anthem…superlike!!

  • So lovely! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    good post, Jul <3 enriching and affirming in many ways. thank you! i thanked Essa for the lead to the recording in my intro to your post on my wall 🙂

  • Great CAPTURED! Priceless!

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  • Aww….thanks for posting this , Jules 🙂