OPI Black Shatter over TopShop “Scorched” – Distressed Nail Magic Pt. 1

Hey, can you guess what arrived in the mail (if you were lazy to read the title)…I can now enter the clubhouse.

To some, it’s getting old, but not for me.  Thousands of beauty junkies the world over have featured these kinds of polishes, but it’s a trend that’s fun to be a part of.  Today I’m featuring 1 of 2 colors of Shatter that I purchased over Ebay, the black one.

I got two for about Php500 each shipping included, it was a total of $22.50 for both as opposed to spending about Php700-800 EACH if I got them at either Rustan’s or a retail outlet locally (that is if they had stock at all).  I got Black Shatter and also Silver Shatter from the Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger Tides collection which is appealing to more neutral loving girls who aren’t into the hardcore edgy look Black Shatter gives.  These nails are not for the faint of heart.

My base shade beneath Black Shatter is TopShop polish in “Scorched” a soft fluorescent coral pink.  Shatter, Crackle polishes, or whatever they’re called have been around for a little over a year now, these are specially formulated polishes that have an instant chemical reaction that causes it to crack and separate when applied.  No fiddling or “faffing” about as the British say, just brush it on, it goes on black then the polish does its work.  The complete “separation” or cracking cycle ends in about 2 minutes.

It’s a truly magical thing to see happen no matter how old this fad gets and there’s a bit of a raised, embossed effect on the final texture.  If you’d like an even surface finish off with a thick quick drying top coat like Seche Vite.  I didn’t apply topcoat here so you could see the texture.  I also chose the base color because I wanted something bright but not overly fluorescent, just enough for the nails to look like cracked volcanic magma.  If you chose a deep mustard color for your base, from afar these could fleetly pass for some sort of animal print.  I think Darth Maul may have squealed like a girl had he checked his RSS feeds when these were first released.  He would most certainly have placed an order for the black one, and perhaps even the silver one for days when being all red and black just wasn’t catering to him emotionally.  Do you hate or love the shattered nail craze?

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  • Yna

    love how it shatters! havent had much luck with shatter polish in the past. other brands don’t shatter enough so the base color doesn’t peek out as much and some brands flake off even before you could put the topcoat on. this is looking pretty good. i think i need it. how’s the wear on this?