My Hero Poll – Vote now, Chris or Chris? Hammer or Shield?

Let’s bring some testosterone into the picture for inspiration’s sake and a healthy “kilig” boost of endorphins.  I’ve placed a voting poll at the end of this post and guys are welcome to vote in this matter of preference.  I mean really, take note, they’re both named Chris, super handsome, and now ravishingly ripped.  For now, as it seems in the world of entertainment, lean is no longer mean.  So who’s your Chris, Thor or Captain America?  Who’s it gonna be, Ladies, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans?  In terms of build, I’ve always preferred broad shouldered men, so I’m like splitting hairs here.  Here are some photos to help you in your vote at the bottom.  The Marvel Man poll will be open for voting for a week.  I shall share which one of these two heroes gets my vote by then.  You may still leave a comment below the post if you want to expound on who you voted for and why, but that’s optional of course :).

TOP: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, BOTTOM: Chris Evans as Captain America
LEFT: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, RIGHT: Chris Evans as Captain America
TOP: Chris Evans as Captain America , BOTTOM: Chris Hemsworth as Thor

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  • I haven’t seen either of the movies, Juls. Hehe.

  • Julz, is it just me or do they both look gay? Heard so much hype about that Thor guy but never got to watch the movie.

  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    awww. i didn’t get to vote sowee 🙁 would have voted for Captain America.