Faces and Places – Motives Makeup, Mario Dedivanovic, and Kim

I was naively cruising through YouTube for some behind-the-scenes stuff to share with you guys.  I was simply searching using the keywords “behind the scenes celebrity makeup” and actually aiming for some on-location dressing room prep action.  What I didn’t expect to find was a wonderful quality video of a makeup workshop with Mario Dedivanovic sponsored by Motives cosmetics (made popular by JLo, that line is available locally through private direct sellers), Josie Maran, and Sigma brushes.

I cluelessly watched this video and thought “Oh, his name is Mario DeDIVAnovic, whoever this Mario is, he’s pretty good!  He’s good at covering flaws and reshaping the face.”  I Googled his name and felt like a complete idiot once I found out who he actually was…

Yes, Mario happens to be Kim Kardashian’s favorite makeup artist.  In fact, Kim chose Mario to do her makeup for her upcoming big day, he says so here on his blog.  In the video above it seems as if his makeup is “too thick”, but the truth is Mario specializes in makeup that makes girls look PERFECT in pictures as he sculpts and “corrects” using different layers of makeup with strong traditional techniques.  You’ll notice that at the end of the video, after they shoot the girl who looks like she has LOTS of makeup, her photo is fit for a glossy magazine and almost looks like it could do without the least bit of photoshop-ing.  Have you heard of Motives makeup?  Would any of you be interested in being TOTALLY made up for a glossy magazine, and I mean like really made up?  I know I would, even just to be able to experience the level of technique used as it happens on my face.  You can see in the video that Mario really improves on the status quo, it’s all about excellent enhancing right? Read more to see actual videos of Mario Dedivanovic completing Kim Kardashian’s ultimate favorite makeup look on her from start to finish.

Here’s another video of Mario and Kim and you’ll really see how closely acquainted the two already are.  What I like about watching makeup done on Kim Kardashian is that her skin color leans towards our Filipina “kayumanggi” warm complexion, she’s not too pale and I can see the colors that Mario is using will work for me or someone a few shades darker than me even.  This video is broken into three parts and I really enjoyed the natural exchange between Mario and Kim in the second part.  I like how Kim says that she’ll try his cheaper mascara, because she trusts and respects him so much and you can see it.


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  • I loved how the lips were transformed on that first video, amazing! It was kinda weird looking at it first but finished make up look was really great.

    Kim’s video is also very nice! It’s good that Mario shared his skills for us to see. He uses a lot of concealer, I’ve never done it that way.

    Thanks for sharing these videos! =)

  • His technique involves bringing down concealer all the way down to the upper part of the cheek, that way the coverage is seamless and you don’t have glaring white patches under the eyes. It’s good for red carpet, studio, and flash photography