The Best Anti-Aging Product is…

…sleep.  I’m the eldest among 28 cousins, here are two of them, both taller than me, both passionate, stylish, active teens.  Beauty needs no face in this scene, they’re quite pretty as they are in this shot, detached, and blessed.  K and G are napping quite effortlessly in this shot taken last summer.  So, how am I?  Lately, quite sleepless, as I battle through whatever it is I’m battling through.  Both cousins are taller than me.  Once upon a time my Yaya only knew ineffective ways of lulling a child to sleep, which involved emotional blackmail, pinching, and making the peace sign over both my lids insisting that my rapid eye movement proved I was rebelling against her.  Result, I hardly ever napped in peace, until she was replaced, and I never got mybonus growth hours in.  What are your natural methods to prepare yourself for sleep, are you vigilant in making proper time for it?  Sleep is important, which is why this post ends here.  Goodnight, God bless your dreams.

Style (and Art) Snippet - Photo ambush, JeffMD, and my fave Ring in Sing
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  • Awww. I’m not that vigilant 🙁

    But I agree. Whenever I get a good night’s sleep I always get compliments the next day.

  • Joseph Pangilinan

    hahahahaha. . they might have gotten this bug from ME. Lol!

  • duval

    yup! sleep is the best anti- aging product!!!you can even ask ms gloria romero. i read this article somewhere where she said sleep helps her a lot.

  • i make sure i’m in bed by 9pm. =) and sometimes, I hide my cellphone in a drawer away from my reach. tinkering on my cellphone during bedtime keeps me awake for hours!

  • rOxy

    your body clog is the biggest help you’ll ever get if you’re having a problem in sleeping.

    some studies says, making your bed – just for sleep (like just going to bed when you are about to sleep) helps a lot.

    for me, over-sleeping can leave you tired and weak.. hmmm…. i still look good after a 12 hours of sleep though. haha!

  • I agree! Getting enough sleep helps in keeping a fresh face!