Style (and Art) Snippet – Photo ambush, JeffMD, and my fave Ring in Sing

It’s been awhile since I’ve had pretty decent photos of myself taken by a friend, the last photos I loved were my beach jumping shots by Nyx, my friend from Living Asia Channel.  This time around I met up with an old friend, JeffMD (yes, it’s abbreviated) who now works as a matte painter/concept artist with Lucasfilms in Singapore.  I won’t just be featuring photos of myself here, I also got a special piece of costume jewelry back in Manila before leaving that I think is simply pretty and I wanted to share it with you.

In case you’re not aware of Lucasfilms or ILM, to put it plainly for you they made Star Wars.  You may have unknowingly watched several scenes Jeff completed in Iron Man 2, and Transformers 3 (wink), and watch out for Mission Impossible 4!  No, you won’t find a photo of him in here because apparently his kind instinctively avoids being photographed at all costs which is probably one ticked box requirement if you want to work at Lucasfilms (I kid…).  Read more to see more photos and the accessory I was talking about.

My former visual effects co-workers and I are really proud of this Filipino friend of ours who used to be my seatmate at work haha, he has a concept art page right here.  When Jeff started winning contests online in a frenzy and began gaining a huge online fanbase while getting film and gaming company offers left and right we knew he would leave us soon.  I remember all that because in the middle of work while we’d be finishing scenes he’d suddenly sit up “Juls, OMG I won/got selected!” and that happened repeatedly over a certain period of time.  Here are quick samples of some of his work featured by Advanced Photoshop Magazine.  Sorry, I couldn’t get to the full size artworks because his site apparently is under construction. Only one is slightly larger the one beneath the web banner.

Jeff’s digital art entries have been submitted and selected by Ballistic Publishing several times while we were officemates and one of his artworks even made the Limited Edition cover of one of their publications.  So, getting back to the photo ambush, here’s a less than flattering photo of me being nosy with my own shot, and a shot of where we were, near Marina Bay Sands which is just across the Singapore Merlion monument.  The Marina Bay Sands building has a light show that projects at a certain hour every evening with beautiful music loud enough for everyone to hear by the bay.  You can also see I’m wearing the ring I’m about to feature in this next photo of me.

Prior to this shoot Jeff and I were super hungry so we ate, then scouted a few places that I could bring Mom to.  Thanks, Jeff for being invasively diligent with your 600D.  I actually didn’t feel like looking at the camera or smiling majority of the time, you’ll notice in most that I’m trying not to look.  Of all the days to shoot me it had to be just when I didn’t brush my hair (at all) and had only eyeliner and concealer on, illegally frumpy I’d have to say.  Oooh look, a tourist photo!

Someone kept trying to stick Star Trek like lens flares on me sideways, but he kept putting them in the wrong place LOL.  Okay enough of me, I just found it so cool to have so many “candid” shots of myself with a camera better than a regular point and shoot.  Here’s the ring I’m talking about.  My German uncle (tita married a German National) saw me looking at it at the weekend market in Alabang Country Club.  It’s Php300, stainless steel and set with a mother of pearl heart.  It was sold to us by an African girl from Kenya.

What I love about it is it’s simplicity and yet you can see the ring is somewhat of a thick cubish shape and not completely round, but it’s still comfy to wear.  Since it’s stainless steel it supposedly won’t ever fade or leave green marks on my finger even when wet.  You can see its thickness better in this other photo by me.

I “heart” costume jewelry, I have quite a few more statement pieces to share with you, a lot of which came from Singapore unlike this one I got in Alabang.  I like this ring because it’s simple to wear everyday and it’s less traditional than your standard “round” ring.

Thanks, Jeff for the lovely photos, I did tell him I’d use these shots for my blog although I think he wasn’t aware that I’d be “featuring” him partially in this post hahaha.  Okay, going to fetch Mom at Changi Airport now :).


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