My One Day Hair Miracle – Clairol Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner


It happens only once in awhile, you read about someone affluent who raves about a product that’s done wonders for her…some of you immediately mutter “gimmick”.  Not so when reading intimate beauty interviews on  Some of the most revered faces behind and from the frontlines of today’s western fashion and beauty industry find themselves sitting pretty for an ITG interview where frequently they casually spill and review an entire slew of products that they actually love and personally use.  It was there on ITG that runway model Jessica Stam raved about Clairol Hello Hydration Shampoo and the Conditioner, and since I was in SG with frustratingly dry hair and every grocery there was a woman’s hygienic dream, I dived.  However I think this is also available locally at S&R Membership Grocery and some select groceries with the Herbal Essences range.

“I have a lot of travel-sized products like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration—which is a great shampoo and conditioner combo, and I’ve used everything. I actually discovered it because my boyfriend uses it! I love it. I get compliments from hairdressers I’ve been working with for years, saying, ‘This is the best your hair has ever looked, what are you using?’ and I’m like, ‘Herbal Essences!’ [Laughs]” – JESSICA STAM on ITG

My haircolor highlights were a birthday gift last April, sadly almost everyone knows that the price to pay (other than the price to pay) for haircolor is excess dryness.  I was hesitant to get my hair colored coz I didn’t want yet another “maintenance” need on my plate.  I’m not vain when it comes to my hair, but I never fail to try and do something if it’s looking a few notches too high on the frump-o-meter.  When my hair likes its haircare my natural waves and curls gather up, get all twisty, and shine away.  I’m proud of my naturally tousled tresses, but that’s only when they’re at their best.  My hair in Singapore was frizzy and dry, I tried Avalon Organix Lavender Shampoo from Watsons because Renee of Beauty Fool absolutely loves the stuff, it was a fraction better but it wasn’t quite helping.  It was better than my recent shampoos but my hair was till a dry mess.  Then I got Clairol Hello Hydration both the Shampoo and Conditioner on my last day in Singapore.  I washed my hair yesterday morning, conditioned generously, and rinsed with cold water (recommended to seal the hair cuticle)combed through with a wide tooth comb then towel dried.  You can’t really base results on the day you actually washed because the hair has to dry out first and your natural scalp oils need to seep back in.  I woke up this morning didn’t even comb my hair, just ran my fingers through it and I’ll let this Before and After photo speak for itself.

See how wonderfully defined the bunches of strands are on the right?  On the left I had also used a conditioner, but it just wasn’t the right shampoo and conditioner combination, until I used Clairol Hello Hydration.  I boosted the brightness a bit on the right picture because it was dimmer at home, but you can see the glossy softness is real, and to think I had just woken up and hadn’t even brushed my hair.  Clairol Hello Hydration works its magic with Orchid and Coconut Milk.  Read more to see more wonderful result photos.

Shine, shine, shine, and definition…without styling!

I know that even when you find a “favorite” shampoo, it’s only a matter of time till your hair gets bored of the stuff…but I’m hoping it’ll be awhile before my hair gets bored with this.  It works wonderfully and smells beautiful without being overpowering or harsh and is cheaper than going for a salon brand to provide aftercare for your colored hair.  If you prefer to use your sulfate free shampoo to protect your color, go right ahead, but I like how this makes my hair look and feel.  Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner both cost about $SG 7 each, which is about Php250.00 you get a big bottle though and I like that this shampoo’s fragrance or formula doesn’t make my face itch after I bathe.  My haircolor is done by Josie of Tinette & Company Salon at Fort.

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  • hey jules!
    My sister and I use this too! You can get it in landmark and first aid 🙂 I also like their other variants. They all smell so good pa!

  • Nice buy! My hair is always at its best the moment I wake up, I don’t know why. =D but it all gets frizzed up the moment it dries after my shower.

  • rOxy

    I’m a follower of Renee too!

    anyway, how does it feel and look after a whole day at work or right after it has dried out? ummm… I think hair is at it’s nicest texture Just right after you woke up.

    Your hair color just popped out really vibrant! I like it!

    I have hairfall issues and though Human Heart Nature eliminated my hair fall completely, I found out I had allergies on one of their ingredient (too bad :’c). Did Clairol lessen or increased any hair fall issues?

  • snow0016

    wow! great find! i’ve raves about herbal essences before but it was meant for straight hair to making it straighter. the thing is, my hair’s naturally wavy. so this is really a great help for me! thanks for sharing it! ^^

  • Magnolia

    I have been using this for already two years and i love it. Doesnt dry hair. It is also available at SM Watsons.

  • I use Clairol’s Herbal Essences Color Me Happy shampoo and conditioner also. 🙂 Smells terribly good and a very cheap alternative to the Loreal hair products for colored hair. Definitely brought out the color of my hair much more than regular shampoo. 🙂