JLo on Sept 2011 Vanity Fair Cover + “I’m Into You” Behind the Scenes Video

Oh, I also included a behind the scenes video of the Vanity Fair cover shoot, but Mom and I agree, after watching the video making of her hit song “I’m Into You” (towards the bottom of post) in  THAT video oh, my, my…even without digital enhancement JLo is truly one pretty talented momma.  Mom was overwhelmed by her megawatt smile on video that really lights up the scene wherever she is.  She possesses such a sweet smile, but sorry, here no smile, she’s still hot though.

Mom got the September issue of Vanity Fair magazine, and in case you didn’t know,  September is THE month issue to get of ANY acclaimed glossy style magazine. Sorry bout the graininess, my little camera couldn’t compute the dots per inch on the glossy print when I did a closeup.

September has been coined as the most fashionable month of the year all serious style magazine editors sear their butts on the work chair when crafting that particular issue, September issues are usually the thickest, contain the most relevant content and most beautiful high demand style editorials.

This issue also contains a feature on Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s current head designer, who designed THE ROYAL WEDDING dress for William’s Kate.  In Burton’s feature she styles her McQueen muse Cate Blanchett in a breathtakingly beautiful way Mom testifies.  Now, here’s the video I kept mentioning…I love Behind the Scenes videos, they give a you a backstage pass no matter who you are and they’re the only way to actually see these stars unPhotoshopped, and even so JLo does not disappoint. “Na na na na na na na na na Yeah!!!…”

Now, I kind of have to factor in where I could one day be in all this.  See this girl with JLo?  That could be me.

…or that hand holding up the mirror that could be me, too.  Or maybe at the beach even…

All I know is that one day I hope to make people like JLo very happy with what I do.  I’ve started.  Here’s the actual “I’m Into You”  music video, the finished product.

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