Stylish “Futbolera” Heather Cooke to play for RP Women Football’s Malditas


She’s finally arrived!  Heather Cooke lives and breathes football and she’s come to make herself available as a Fil-Am football import for the RP Women’s team, (link to full list of team members) the Malditas who are set to play at the AFF Women’s Championships next month in Laos.  Cooke is half Filipina and her father is American.  What you may not know is she was also once a cast member in MTV’s Real World TV program for the Las Vegas chapter.  What we find cool?  She’s scary on the football field but quite stylish off it, and she doesn’t mind red polish!  She’s here already and you can follow her on Twitter @feathercooke yes, that’s correct.

Heather on MTV Real World

Laos better get ready for some rippin’ girl power.  Go Malditas!!



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  • I like the team name “malditas” lol!