The truth about me…

…is I’ve come to the point where it’s very easy to throw out the “Oh, I’m so much better now than where I was a few weeks back…” with a halo over my head since my last personal update, but sometimes that’s a wad of bull.  I’ve made you hear all the songs that matter, but there are moments to yourself in the middle of coping where you just feel like this, and Avril puts it out hook, line, and sinker in this almost unacceptable “status quo” song. Avril puts it bluntly and straight through the heart.


…this isn’t to say I’m fine with cussin’ or the angsty emotions, it’s just that what’s visually and emotionally communicated is still part of what I cope with in getting to a better place…it’s difficult but I’m not going to give up. And incidentally…I love her makeup here… the makeup look strongly supports the emotion in Avril’s video. By the way please don’t tweet this or share it on FB, if it autoposts I’m removing it straightaway. If you see it, you see it here, that’s fine by me.

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  • I’ve posted this song too on my super secret “moving on” Tumblr account the other day. I can’t help missing someone who meant so much to me.

    Here’s to complete healing, dear.