About the blog and a few personal updates…

Hi, Lovely Readers πŸ™‚

Sorry if it took awhile to post a little more.Β  I haven’t been TERRIBLY busy but like for example I’ve had to divert my attention to more important things, likeΒ  being “Cesar Millan” to our dog for example who’s become a bit of a brat in the last few years due to lack of discipline, excessive spoiling by Dad (haha) and a lack of undivided, focused attention.Β  I’ve been walking him as well as treating a nasty wound on his foot that caused him to limp.

Honestly, some personal funds have been slowly diminishing, such are the first birth pains involved when entering the freelance career and I was aware that it would be AT LEAST a year of that.Β  In exchange for quality of life I knew I’d end up starting off with less money especially since I came from Singapore.Β  I think of the initial spending there, with the support of my Mom for my makeup education as an investment and right now I’m on standby for a response hopefully from a multinational organization, non-makeup related.Β  I applied there because I believe in their cause and to have stable income for now and also am on standby for some upcoming TV commercial shoots which I’ve been recommended for (I make that plural in faith).Β  If you’ll notice I now tend to have more days in between posts because I don’t just go out every week and buy whatever I like as often as I used to, coz I can’t afford to.Β  I was making trips into town to make myself available for possible jobs but as of last week especially with Dad being confined just for 2 nights it wasn’t ideal to have all my personal outings lined up and I didn’t want to be stuck to this laptop.

Next off, the site has built up gradually to what I like at the moment.Β  If you’ll notice on the sidebar I now have a constantly updating list of “Popular Posts”.Β  However, the rankings are not based on “ALL TIME” since the blog started, only since I activated the widget, eventually as it gathers more data the listing will be more accurate. Β  Even more recently, I just added a “Top Commentators” Ranking List, which will refresh every month and will show me who comments the most within the month.Β  It’s a fun way to encourage my readers to comment because I love hearing from them and it’s a small way to recognize and amuse those who comment the most, I know because I always wanted to be at the top of Charlotte’s Commentators list on her blog Lipglossiping when I first started reading her blog nearly 2 years ago.

Just wanted throw a little update your way, thanks for reading.Β  If you know anyone in need of a makeup artist for an event or project for now you may contact me via the Contact Tab above.Β  I will be putting out an official promotions post on myself soon, will be crafting a folio site,Β  and will be creating my own business cards to pepper the industry with.Β  Thanks for your time πŸ™‚Β  Oh, I’m also plannng a giveaway, it’s been ages since I had one don’t ya think? Keep you posted πŸ™‚

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