Best Value Sponges – UBL Large Size Cosmetic Sponges…Php66.00 pack

Do you know it costs about $22.00 (Php970.00) to get one of those pink, large, teardrop shaped Beauty Blender sponges?

In fact locally at Rustan’s my friend who does bridal makeup said that one cost her about a Php1000!  Dear me, I can’t afford to drop that much money for just ONE highly acclaimed sponge (although I’m sure it works well and there are cheaper fakes out there).  At Cherry Pacheco’s Makeup workshop last February which was sponsored by Becca, instead of Beauty Blenders she provided us with these dense, smooth angled cube sponges (with rounded corners) that work in the same way, I’ve used these so far at the few professional shoots I’ve done and they’re fabulous…

…and guess what, Cherry, who was even a makeup artist for Pond’s advertising campaigns,  said she got them in the U.S. for about $2.00 a pack (or was it each?), but I saw these same UBL Large Size Cosmetic Sponges neatly hanging in their own row for Php66.00 per 4-pack last weekend at Japan Home Center!  My shiny new Japan Home Center branch is here far out in Calamba, but the salesladies say these should be available at all their branches even in Manila.

Theyre made of a similar high density smooth foam like the Beauty Blender.  In my experience  it’s much easier for me to keep liquid foundation near the surface of the sponge with these and it doesn’t SUCK product all the way in.   Read more to see more photos and what the finished base looks like when I use this.

The smooth surface is a dream to work with because with proper patting and dabbing it really gives you a flawless finish in seconds in tandem with almost any foundation, high end or low end.  It probably can draw in product deeper  if you  let it sit for awhile (a long while).

The main face of the sponge is great for getting coverage quickly and the rounded corners help get into those nooks and crannies.  I also like turning it on its side to work the product beneath the eyes and do my dabbing motion.  These are so good, even my darling, Cloud had to check out what I was fixated on. You can bet I’m not going to use this particular one on someone else after this photo HAHA, even though she is a clean and bathed princess.

These sponges are washable, I’d say up to 3-4 uses at least.  After makeup jobs I soak them in very hot water for half a day in a basin with a few drops of detergent (Joy Antibacterial which I also use to clean my brushes) to draw out the grease/product.  Then you squeeze, change the dirty water with clean hot water and let it do one more soak and finish the rinsing off by hand (you can finish the sponges with facial wash or a mild baby bath  product if you feel better about that).

Because of the smaller sponge pores you’re  much more capable of keeping more product near the surface of the sponge just where you need it as a makeup artist or someone applying product.  Another trick to making sure your sponge doesn’t draw in too much product  is to moisten/dampen it.  What I love about working with sponges is it’s a classic way to get a flawless face on, FAST.

For Php66.00 at Japan Home Center these UBL Large Sponges are really good value for money cosmetic tools and they help make being a makeup professional so much easier.  I used them when applying makeup on all these talents during a recent shoot.


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  • esquire

    Really? Joy Antibacterial for your brushes? I’ve been using baby shampoo and feel my brushes are not clean enough. Is it okay for both synthetic and natural brushes? I have a lot of eco tools, Charm, Coastal Scents and some local brushes (marionnaud, EB, non-names). Not and I wonder if they will hold up to Joy-cleansing

  • Yes, I use Joy for my brushes also but not with hot water. In fact Lisa Eldridge says she agrees with Michelle Phan’s brush cleaning method which uses Dawn dishwashing detergent…it’s good for both synthetic and natural brushes. My French makeup teacher from Make Up Forever says she uses the cheapest soap available, like plain white mini hotel/resort soap or whatever will strip the bristles of grease. That’s why dishwashing liquid works so well for me. I put a tiny drop in my hand, add water and swirl the brush around in my hand til it lathers and I rinse it off.

  • Rae

    I don’t quite get the beauty blender too. I prefer dense wedge disposable sponges.

    I get mine from The Beauty Bar, 32pieces for Php 150. I don’t dispose them every after use though. I use 2 sponges a month (I don’t wear makeup everyday).

  • I do also have those little white wedges that look like cheese slices from Beauty Bar, those are for quick turnover jobs, but for more high end productions or clients I needed smoother, higher density sponges than those. So that’s why I was happy to find more of these. As you can see, I didn’t panic buy, I only bought one pack of 4 pcs because high end jobs don’t come my way that often, JUST YET…