Z.E.N. Naturals Strawberry Lip Butter – Dupe for Body Shop’s Strawberry Born Lippy

The strawberry extract in this smells as real as can be, sweetened with that fruity tart note in middle of the scent.  I bought this ZEN Naturals lip butter at a weekend bazaar in Cuenca, Alabang yesterday.  I opened the pot and my Dad sniffed and said “Oh wow, I want to eat it!”.  For those of you who’ve finished pots of Body Shop’s Born Lippy balm in Strawberry like I have, you know almost exactly what my dad means.

It looks like strawberry preserve doesn’t it?  Body Shop’s Born Lippy Balm costs around Php250.00 and this ZEN Strawberry lip butter costs Php120.  This ZEN Lip Butter is a lot more affordable and good value for money because you get more product for that amount, too, slightly more if I’m not mistaken.  I was hoping they would have this in more than one flavor but sadly this one stands alone, so thankfully,  it’s good that I love strawberry.  Read more to read the full post and view contact details for ordering at the bottom.

They do have a bit of an advantage with their magnifying pot that creates the illusion that there is as much as you see in this “side” photo.  The truth is underneath, but  still considering how DEEP the pot is I’m quite certain there’s at least 1 or 2 grams more of product than Body Shop’s Born Lippy pot.

The ingredients of ZEN’s lip butter are a blend of strawberry extract in shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil (VCO) and sunflower oil.

I find that my lips more readily absorb this than something like petroleum jelly and it really feels silky soft and my lips don’t feel “smothered”.  If you apply more you can get a good stain from it.

There’s a red tint that comes from pure strawberry extract which already holds deep color if it’s the organic kind (which I’m assuming it probably is).  Since the color is close to human blood (bats flutter overhead) the tint/flush when applied on the lips is quite natural.  I bought this from the ongoing weekend bazaars at Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang, but ZEN products, for the great  lack of online info, have so many dealers locally it’s quite overwhelming and they’ve been featured locally by Cory Quirino.  In fact one of my friends is also a ZEN Dealer.  Here are the contact details of the ladies (3 numbers) I purchased this Lip Butter from 09178360403, 09995210421, 09154791535.  You can also email those ladies at zenallorganic@gmail.com, and they have a facebook page with active updates at http://www.facebook.com/zenallorganic

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  • thanks for sharing this! I’m actually looking for an all-organinc lip balm and this one is worth checking out!

  • I bought this at the Zonta bazaar too last weekend and I absolutely love it! I’ve been searching for the perfect lip balm for a long time. My lips dry out quickly, specially since I’m in an airconditioned room practically the entire day. The lip butter works wonders – no more chapped lips! And I totally agree that it smells good enough to eat.

    I bought some soap from them too, and just started the pink guava. It smells so nice and my skin’s a lot softer. You should try. =)