A Date with Mom in SG – Dali’s Mind of a Genius Exhibit (’til Nov.13) & Van Gogh Audiovisuals

Bet y’all didn’t know Dali designed this beauty-inspired butt kisser.  Well, at least half of you maybe…it’s even in the furniture selection in Sims Social!  He might not have known it at the time (or I take it back, he might have) but the phrase “kiss my ass” is represented exceedingly well by this couch which was inspired by Mae West’s luscious lips.

Last August on my second trip to Singapore Mom and I had a fleeting but lovely day out, you see we took the train from Pasir Ris all the way to Marina Bay Sands

…because she wanted to catch the Salvador Dali exhibit which includes 250 actual works of his celebrating a lifetime of creativity and pure genius.  I was a bit more interested in Vincent, but apparently it was only an audiovisual projections presentation.  Though being very awe-inspiring it was not his real work so Dali gets first dibs in this post, VG, sorry, you’ll have to wait your turn…now, now, what’s with the face, VG…

If you don’t know Salvador Dali it’s not a sin if you haven’t heard or read about him, but from hereon you should.  Here he is, enigmatic charisma and all, with his lovely #1 muse and fan, his wife, Gala.  As it turns out Dali had something in common with Julia Child, they both married their true loves and became wonderful individuals alongside them.

Look at that spectacle of a couple, see?  It’s important to find someone who loves you just the way you are generally, make room for improvement but you know what I mean…you guys could make HISTORY and not be history, you know marriage-wise…read John & Stasi Eldredge’s (Wild at Heart, Captivating) book on marriage Love & War and you’ll see what I mean. These photos below are random ones from the world wide web.

…and it’s possible to get to grow old but with that person you can still act as young as you used to be because inside some things never change…

Dali is the guy famous for those paintings with disfigured clocks.  I’m sure this rings a bell, I’m just linking to it from another site.  I remember staring at this very well as I read from a book when I was very young…and it STUCK fast in my memory.

It was a bit surreal to be standing in front of some of his actual work (i didn’t see this painting there) currently being exhibited at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum in Singapore, they’ve extended the exhibition up to November 13, 2011.  Taking photos is allowed but FLASH MUST BE DISABLED, photos with flash are strictly prohibited, and you know, you don’t want to break a law in Singapore…yaknowhattamin.  Mom brought me there and even though initially I wasn’t as much of a culture bug or highly interested in Dali what I saw surprised me.  Even his relationship with Gala did.  Read more to see more photos of what we saw.

It is time…

A good number of Dali’s quotes are winners in my book…

and his sculptures are so thought provoking.

Did you know Dali did an Adam & Eve?  It’s even gone a bit cheesy with the serpent making a heart shape in the middle.   Like, Like (elbows BayanTel Lola).

Did you know he also did an Alice in Wonderland?

It’s okay, don’t hurt yourself, I didn’t get that one either, I thought till my nose nearly bled, but nothing.  And at last, finally, the long S-L-I-M legs I’ve always wanted…

…er, we’ve always wanted. I’ve actually never understood why I’m rail thin and not to mention FLAT (ooh, scared away the guy lurkers!  OhMyGarsh, look at them run) when it comes to all of the above-the-waist and chunky monkey everywhere beneath all that.  I mean hello, compared to my hands even my feet are fat.  One of my guy friends suggested sleeping from the ceiling like a bat so everything migrates to where it should be and he laughed at his own suggestion, too.  You have no idea how for a fifth of  a second I wanted to “unfriend” him.  I’ve given myself enough of a public beating now, haha, so onto Vincent.

This will be quick because Vincent Van Gogh’s exhibit was really more of a virtual one, although it is quite beautifully done.  So technically, it isn’t his real work, only projections of them, but the imagery can still move an art lover to tears.  Hey, you all know Vincent Van Gogh right…if you don’t, now THAT’s a “sin” hahaha!

Van Gogh’s work was being shown at the ArtScience museum in the form of multiple projections sequenced to a soundtrack. The different visuals fade in and out on giant panels and even on the floor.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter whose bold strokes and use of bright color evoked emotional honesty and most people only paid attention to the beauty of his masterpieces long after he had already taken his own life.  I’m not sure if this particular exhibit is still showing but it would be best to inquire from Marina Bay Sands.  The first time I really understood the depth and beauty of Vincent Van Gogh’s work was when I first watch Akira Kurosawa’s collection of short films entitled Dreams.  One of the short films was entirely about Vincent’s wonderful work.  Kurosawa astutely and simply communicates how cool it would be if we could jump into some of the most beautiful paintings in the world and even more importantly meet the painter.  Watch this video and pray they make a virtual experience like this come to life pretty soon.  Yes, we do live in this day and age.

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  • Salvador Dali!!! One of the weirdest artists ever but his art never fails to captivate me! So jealous that you were able to catch the exhibit! 😉