My “Akala Mo Wala Nang…” Slumbook Signed by Mikey Bustos :)

There’s a mysterious creative group called “Witty Will Save the World” who for roughly the past 2 years have been creating and publishing the most “kulit” and interesting “Akala Mo Wala Nang Slumbook pero Meron Meron Meron…”, a slumbook created specifically for today’s Pinoy youth jam-packed with Pinoy humor, sharp art direction, and LOL wisecracks.  I got mine for Php300.00 at U.P. Diliman Shopping Center/Dilimall.  Today’s post is special because my slumbook’s first entry is by a very special, VERY PINOY guest.

WittyWillSaveTheWorld have also come out with equally clever annual planners, but due to some mishap they say this year sadly they won’t be releasing their 2012 one.

They released the first “Akala Mo Wala Nang in a vibrant red color around over a year a go and this year have come out with their “Tanso (Copper) Edition” which is such a pretty color, hardbound in a dusty powder blue, with a maroon ribbon bookmark and embossed with copper-esque titling.

Last night, my brother and I went to the Mikey Bustos Meet and Greet at Crowne Plaza and we were able to get him to sign our CD and I made a special request for Mikey in his free moments before the event to fill up my lovely slumbook.

Mikey’s wonderful local manager happily obliged saying “Oh, wow it’s nice! Sige, I’ll take this to him!” and so I’m posting just a few parts.  Read more to see what the planner looks like inside and selected portions of Mikey’ Bustos‘ actual entry in his own handwriting :).

And so I filled up the “PREFACE” with some of my personal details first as the Slumbook’s owner.  I filled this up last week not knowing that only a few days later I’d be asking Mikey Bustos to sign it.

So here he is, presenting the Slumbook’s first entry/listed friend, Mikey Bustos!

That was so funny hahahaha!  Encircle favorite Toe?!!  And so Mikey actually values four specific toes.  I totally get that because I do the same thing to pick my socks up off the floor.

And of course I <3 EWE!!  A ewe is a female sheep, as he quickly points out here.  I don’t want to show the rest because I love that I can keep a few of the details to myself since he wrote in MY slumbook…it’s nice to keep a few portions sacred for me :), but these parts I’ve shared are really some of the funniest out of everything he wrote.

I half expected him to simply SIGN it with “Thanks, Peace” and a signature but it was really BIG of him to really fill it up and throw a few laughs in as well.  Thanks, Mikey!  All the best from us fans to you! 🙂  You can all follow Mikey directly on Twitter here @mikeybustos .  Witty Will Save the World have a Facebook page here, and right now have an ongoing promo of buy 10 get 1 free for this cute slumbook 🙂 Free Shipping within Metro Manila…

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  • Do you know why they call it ‘slumbook’? Always been curious about that 🙂