Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum – Top Fragrance for 2011

Seriously speaking, er blogging…this is by far, absolutely the most BEAUTIFUL fragrance I’ve smelt in a long, long time. Sorry, my cousin didn’t have the bottle cap with her, but it doesn’t matter, it still looks pretty.  The fragrance description goes “Sexy forever.  VS Bombshell is a sensual blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la Peony, and Vanilla Orchid.”

For me it beats Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, YSL Parisienne, even Juicy Couture’s Peace Love & Juicy…it’s just, ergh, so feminine BUT  it also has a clean stroke of masculinity according to my brother (that I think ironically draws men to it even more), it’s not sickeningly sweet, there’s a “bagong ligo”  or  “amoy magandang dalaga” gigil factor to it.  I first smelled Bombshell off my 18 year-old cousin, Kiana, and she let me take a picture of her eau de parfum bottle.  I could not stop smelling my first spritz of it on my wrist and it was so wonderful I even let my relatives in the room smell it one by one and they were intrigued and kept smelling their wrists, too.  She claims she just pulled it out of one of the gift sets she had lying around at home and decided to use it for the first time and when she did she loved it and spritzed on some more.  My 15 year old brother who smelled it says “It smells like it could be for guys or girls, it even reminds me a little bit of something nice by Afficionado” and I think that’s the on switch for men when they smell a girl wearing this, it’s a scent that INCLUDES their taste rather than holds a banner high that says “100% feminine”.  There’s a scent note of a cute guy in there that ties everything feminine in the fragrance together.  It’s a spot on clever concoction that’s very, very pretty to inhale.

The eau de parfum costs between $50-$65 depending on what size you get.  Kiana remembers sitting in the middle of class and her guy friends started to sniff around towards the center where she was seated, they were wondering who was wearing that wonderful fragrance “Sino yun, shucks bango naman niyan!”.  The newest or current fragrances of Victoria’s Secret to my knowledge don’t have the eau de parfums readily available locally.  I wandered around hoping to chance upon one in a bazaar, but twas a fail search.  However, I unexpectedly found this gift set in Metro Department Store at Market Market of all places.

I wandered to the VS counter just for the sake of asking and actually expected an out-of-stock declaration, but the salesgirl hopelessly said they don’t have the eau de parfum but do carry a set, perhaps wrongfully thinking “Eto na naman, She’s not going to get it coz people don’t want sets, they want the standalone body mist”.  However in my case, she should have smiled, because I did get it for Php2,400.00, it includes the body mist, the body lotion, and the body wash.  I asked permission from my cousin before getting this because I didn’t want to be a copycat without her consent.  I’m also quite curious about VS Sexy Little Things which Kiana claims is every bit as beautiful as VS Bombshell, just a little bit different in its own way.  I’ve got this set but still want to own the Eau de Parfum because it gives you a bang of the fragrance that lasts longer throughout the day.  For now, when I’m heading out, I layer the body wash, lotion, then the body mist on me because people just gotta SMELL THE BOMBSHELL!

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  • i want this! hahaha!

  • April

    Haven’t smelled this but your post intrigued me… to death! Ha ha! *sniff sniff*

  • Mel

    Check regularly. I got the same set as yours for only P1200 🙂