Style Snippet – Brass Feather Leather Belt by CPS or Chaps from HighStreet

I find it cute that “feather” and “leather” happen to rhyme, because on this belt I’ve got both for bout Php1100.00.  Now I officially have two belts, before this I only had one.  I picked this up from CPS or Chaps at HighStreet.  That’s a really nice shop and the prices differ slightly but range closely alongside Topshop’s bang for your buck.  The items, dresses, bags, shoes are all unique and well-made.  It fits my thankfully little waist conveniently on the last snug hole so once I’m wearing it no holes are seen. (On my nails: Bobbie Premium Creme in Mudslide).  It reminds me of Peter Pan and Shakespeare.

At the back of the feather is a sturdy brass peg to insert into whichever hole is a fit for you.  It’s a bit tough to remove once you’ve inserted it (not good for people with weak bladders haha) but once you get the sideway hang of removing it, it’s ok, just a bit of effort for style’s sake.

I love how the feather is beautifully crafted and that it’s made of aged brass, plus the toughness and stretch of real leather makes it feel like a really good buy.  I’ve been planning my outfits around this belt for the last week, that’s how much I like it.


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