LUSH Cosmetics Japan, Lip Tints – Chilli Tingle & Double Choc warm up the season

Truly there is nearly nothing that gets my Christmas vibe going faster than those natural aromatic scents and organic creamy textures, scents and textures of items that come from a LUSH Cosmetics shop.  In this photo I wanted to capture the softness and coldness of the day’s weather, the lip tint itself brings in some warmth.  To those who aren’t familiar with LUSH cosmetics and gag whenever you pass their highly fragrant boutiques, try clipping your noses and have a quick probe, they’ve got lots of wonderful organic and vegan products, it’s just that all that goodness is crammed into one shop which makes it nauseating but when you take stuff home separately their products are an absolute delight to experience.  I picked mine up from the LUSH store at Fort, HighStreet and this LUSH lip tint is made by the manufacturing branch of LUSH cosmetics in Japan.

This one is not highly scented but you can smell the cocoa butter in it!  LUSH have several other shades, around 7 in total I think.

The general ingredients of Chilli Tingle are : Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Butter, Candelilla wax, Organic Agave Syrup, White Icing Sugar, Organic Ground Chili (no spicy sensation promise),  Dried Yerba Santa, Annatto Seeds, Titanium Dioxide and colors naturally derived from essential oils.  I remember seeing a fuschia pink, a frosty baby pink, a deep berry, and a cooler red, I forgot what other shades there were, but Chilli Tingle, this warm coral red is what I picked because I knew it would look most natural on me.  They don’t disappoint at all when it comes to color…and you can choose how strongly you wish to build up the pigment.  I also got Double Choc, a chocolatey neutral shade that was going on for Buy1 Take1, but be sure to check the expiry date when it comes to deals like that, I need to go back and swap one of them Double Chocs that was expired.

You get a satin finish with not a lot of high shine, it’s definitely not matte, but Chilli Tingle does give lips that proper pretty blush that looks really effortless and not slapped on.  I pressed on the lip tint with my fingers putting a generous single layer and patting it in gently.  My lips aren’t interfering with the shade, they were pretty dry before I applied this.  It gives off more color than my ZEN Strawberry Lip Butter but has a softer effect than a stain pen lip product.

You can add a little more…if you want lips to “POP” some more.

…and here is Double Choc, it doesn’t look as brown as I feared it might be.  It’s actually quite pretty, kind of like a caramel mocha shade, it only becomes super brown if you layer it on, but even the kind of brown it is is quite elegant, kind of like a warm bronzey taupe for the lips.  Double Choc really smells and tastes like chocolate, plus…oh, a precaution, these lip tints aren’t sugar-free, they contain a small amount of White Icing Sugar, just so you’re aware.

You can practically build the red up to the opacity of a lipstick with more layers, but I chose to go midway subtle and wear these the way they’re initially meant to be worn, as lip tints.

LUSH lip tints cost Php375.00 each, and Double Choc is on Buy 1 Take 1 Promo, just make sure to check the expiry date at all times.

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  • teenee

    Love lush products! currently loving their lip scrub 🙂 I might try that one too. the chili tingle looks interesting 🙂