Beauty in Song – “Falling” A Keri Noble Cover by Kiana and Gabriel Valenciano

This is a beauty blog and to me there are only a handful of voices as pure and beautiful as  my cousin Kiana’s voice (of course I’m biased but I don’t flatter) and even fewer who play the piano as beautifully as they dance, like her older brother, Gabriel Valenciano.  Their first cover Of Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x” posted a month ago has over 20,000 hits so far and Kiana promised at the end to do better (not that the first one was bad) and here she keeps her promise.  Incidentally, the perfume I blogged about just last week, VS Bombshell Eau de Parfum, was hers :).  Here are Gab and Kiana with their cover of Keri Noble’s heart wrenching song, “Falling”, to empathize with those who are in love and don’t quite know how it happened…or  how to make sense of it.  Lyrics beneath the video.


Standing here outside your door

Not sure if you’re home

Wondering if I’m a fool

Maybe I should go

Usually I’m fearless

But I’ve become undone

A clown without even a disguise

Now everyone will know that I’ve…

Fallen, fallen, I’ve fallen in love

And I can’t make sense of it

Don’t know how this happened

I can’t say for sure

But suddenly I’m incomplete

Sustaining on the hope

If you should see me face to face

If you could hear my heart

You might feel this terrifying something rising up and you’ve…

Fallen, fallen you’ve fallen in love

And you can’t make sense of it

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  • KayeQ

    wow!i love her voice!