UPDATED: Send Help for Sendong – This is More Important

I just can’t do a review today, not with this being urgent and current.  Now there’s no excuse not to help. Thank you Dan aka Twisted Fork.  If you’re a blogger or site owner, I’ve also provided something special at the bottom that allows us to help in our own way with our webspace, a sidebar ad image.  Note, clicking through to Red Cross Sendong link I’ve provided below takes you to the donation page, once there scroll down to fill in your details and choose your method of payment.

I’ve also taken time to turn Dan’s helpful poster into a small 233 x 250 sidebar ad and a 725 x 120 banner ad for those willing to spare ad space on their site or blog to make click-through donations easier for surfing visitors.  You can click through to download or right-click and save the image files and put it in your site’s sidebar space, header, footer or wherever they fit and link it to http://www.redcross.org.ph/donatenow

This sidebar ad is actual size.

Click on the banner to download actual proper standard size for leaderboards, headers, or site footers  (725 x 120)

Please let’s do what we can, my clothes to give were already given to a previous tragedy a few months ago so I’ll be opting for mobile donations for now.  Indeed one person can make a difference, let’s all try.  Thanks to illustrator extraordinaire, Dan Matutina, my fine arts batchmate, aka Twisted Fork, Twitter: @danmatutina.

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  • this is very helpful 🙂 I’m going to share it on youtube, facebook and twiter 🙂 u are awesome julia 🙂