Bobbie Premium Nail Creme “Terracotta” – A toasty but berrylicious Christmas shade

I ignored this the first time I saw it in the bottle because I dismissed it as copper, but I wasn’t looking properly, when you look at it under yellow light, it registers as quite boring.  But bring it under daylight and it turns out to be an absolutely gorgeous color with more depth.  Rust was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this, then when I looked harder there was a hint of a cranberry glaze embraced by all the warmth of finely toasted gold shimmer.  I thought “cranberry,” “wine”, and also thought “rum” since it happens to look more brown than red sometimes.  Two even coats (not too thick) is just enough for it to steal the show.

What you’re seeing is two coats with no top coat.  It will go “copper” on you under certain types of artificial light, but I like knowing that it’s really more than that.  People like me just care too much about minute details like this when it comes to nail polish.  I guess properly said it’s a “rusty golden berry” shade that’s spot on for the season, and at Php30.00 who can complain?  Bobbie Premium Nail Cremes also cost less in certain places, you can get them for Php28 or Php29 depending on where they’re retailed.  They’re available in almost all local malls that sell Bobbie Nail Care ranges nationwide.  My favorite local polish just hit another one out of the park!  My two past favorites so far are  Bobbie’s Mudslide reviewed here (Good Dupe for Butter London’s All Hail the Queen) and Bobbie’s gorgeous holographic denim shade “Weng Weng” reviewed here which is my favorite blue polish of all time so far.

Benefit Bathina at the beach - Body Balm Highlighter with a Christmas-y scent
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  • I agree! I’m wore this last Holiday Season. And it’s making a comeback as my go-to Holiday Nail Color. Depth at an affordable price range!