Best Longwearing Base – MUD Make-up Designory Cream Foundation, amazing longevity, perfect finish

I shall try and end the year with a bang, I hope to have time to add one more post after this a little later  just for a little more retrospect.  However, for now, I do believe, as a professional makeup artist I’ve found my HG (holy grail) base product for the year, MUD Make-Up Designory’s cream foundation compact.

MUD Make-up Designory is a U.S. Professional brand that is quite comparable to Kryolan, kinda like the Kryolan of the States.  RP Team Football Captain Aly Borromeo’s MUA girlfriend, Ines Lobregat (who’s done makeup  fashion magazine covers) studied in MUD’s Makeup Academy in L.A.  for several months to enhance her makeup pro skills.  I’ve read that they have a European academy now as well.  What reeled me in on this one was the product’s industrial staying power and its flawless, just-right finish.  Upon touch its stickiness or drag might alarm you but that’ just proof of its staying power, when buffed and blended out it settles smoothly across the surface of the skin and the finish is quite touchable, even more so if you set it properly with powder.You can work it into the skin and add more layers if needed for the likes of TV Commercials or professional shoots, or you can add on key points on the face and buff/blend it out thinly for wearable day coverage.

It’s the equivalent of MAC StudioTech cream/cake foundation, but I’m allergic to that product by MAC sadly.  This is actually Mom’s personal compact in shade YG-3, we were both at Pure Beauty in Serendra and she bought the full compact for Php1200, it conveniently comes with a distortion free mirror.  Mom is 55 but she absolutely doesn’t look it, as you can see here the foundation doesn’t shift or settle into fine lines. I did her day make-up using MUD products while we were at PureBeauty, then I took this photo of her at Mamou afterwards.  No blurs, cheats, or retoke here, people, all au naturale.

What I like about this MUD product is you can work it thin or thick.  I like to work it thin and evenly, it covers a good percentage of discoloration, gives semi-matte (but not too matte) finish and is good enough as a concealer if you pat on a little more where needed (spots, blemishes, undereye circles)   If on a budget and you don’t wear makeup often or may want to reserve this brand for special occasions you can opt for the smaller Php500+ custom palette refill pans like I did to try this out.  My shade is YG-2 (I’m always 1 shade lighter than mom unless I tan) and Mom encouraged me to get the Php500+ refill pan instead.  As a professional it also made more sense for me to get a refill since I like this so much because I’ll eventually collect more refill pans in the other shades to place them in an MUD artist’s custom palette Php1000+.  Click Read More to see the full post and more photos of this foundation used by me and and my aunts.

YG-3 is also my tita’s shade, she’s mom’s 3rd sister.  Here I’ve already applied her base using mom’s MUD YG-3 Compact before adding undereye concealer, as you can see, the shade is perfect for her and the makeup doesn’t look thick at all.

On my left is my other tita,  mom’s 4th sister, on my right is my tita after I’d finished her makeup.  They’re both wearing MUD Cream Foundation in YG-3 and I’m wearing shade YG-2, I have a touch of Benefit highlighter on my cheekbones.  I set all our bases with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder in Medium.  Then of course I had a girl’s night out like they did with my friends and I took a picture of what I looked like after about 5-6 hours without retouching.  Of course I think I’ll still have to roadtest this for a whole day to truly test its absolute staying power but from what I can already tell, it’s a winner.  Here are two photos, the first one without flash, and second one with flash.  Sorry if I look sleepy and I didn’t have my hair styled, I don’t have a flat iron or a curling iron, hair just does that, it’s really wavy and it’s been agreeing with my current shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve got a lot of shine on my cheeks because I’ve got a highlighter on, any other shine just means I need to powder up, but otherwise MUD Cream Foundation has covered my redness and pigmentation spots and my complexion still looks like my own.  The color is a 100% perfect match.  I’m so happy with it.  Once again, the MUD Cream Foundation Compact costs Php1,200.00, and the smaller refill sizes cost about Php500+ at PureBeauty in Serendra.  I’m so excited to use this product on a friend on her wedding day in January.


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UK's Makeup Queen Lisa Eldridge says Merry Christmas!
  • Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months because I was looking for an entry about the MUFE courses. And ended up coming back again and again—you’re actually an entry in my google reader. So thanks for all that you do!

    I love the MUD foundations, they were something I discovered when I took a bridal course at PurBeauty/MUD Manila. Wanted to share that a great way to thin out the cream foundations is to use a primer, MUD has their own or a BB cream.

    But I really do swear by them! I’m a YG3 and then some, so I like that I can mix my own colors especially since it’s so difficult to find make-up for the morena. (ang haba lang ng comment!)

  • rOxy

    Hi, are you using the dermalogica here? You’re skin looks really great and younger. I dunno if it’s your skin or the foundation.

    You’ve got pretty blood line up there.

  • Quin

    Hi Julia! Great post! I love that you featured MUD Cream Foundation on your blog and gave your comments about it. I can’t wait already to grab my own supply of the product as I’m also a MUA here in La Union (up north). Thanks for the info and hope to get more features of great products. Will keep coming back! – Quin =)