A few words trailing from 2011…

I’m sorry but New Year festivities with family left me with no time to write my post in retrospect of the past year before the stroke of midnight.  So I’ve decided to keep it simple and just write a few words from the heart.  To be completely honest 2011 was a very difficult year for me as seen HERE and on top of unforeseen personal changes was the launch of my change in career from post production to makeup artistry.  I’ve got the ball, but I haven’t gotten it to roll just yet in spite of a few promising projects, this year though that ought to change with God’s help and your support.

For a good deal last year, practically half the year, I felt paralyzed deep inside, unable to tenaciously face each day as I used to aggressively, with plans lined up, to-dos listed down properly and follow through on daily tasks.  I felt like I had a ball and chain round my neck towards the end of this year.  I’d feel time slip by as I wasted away in pain not knowing exactly what to do next but only because I was so affected and confused in my heart that I couldn’t get my head on straight.  I tried to tell myself that the way to start getting productive again is to think of one thing I need to get done and do it first, then the rest will follow.  I did clear out my room of excess as I’ve always hoped to (and now need to again after Chrismas) and I feel maybe changing the layout of things inside it, might help me.  Minimalism in its own way also maximizes.

Less is more I tell myself.  I need to live with less (of the things that take up space or hold me back) to make room for more.  I’m sleepy right now but I’m glad I was able to share my thoughts with you guys.  This is the year that I hope to come into my own and stand tall on both feet.  This is the year that I pray I become the person I’ve always wanted to be so I can be of better service to others.  At the end of 2011,  God has still taken the time to bring me moments that I never thought I’d have.

I’d like to thank the readers who have stayed on and encouraged me in between reviews and posts, many of whom are family and friends.  You know who you are.  I pray this year’s window opens wider for me.  I plan to let all the sunshine in.

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  • Gina from Cleveland, Ohio

    I just popped onto your blog to see if you had any last minute tips for looking super cute on NYE. It’s about 6pm my time so I have a little bit more time to get ready to go out. I used your tips last night and got a few compliments on my makeup so thanks to you!

    2011 was a year that was not easy for lots of people. I know change isn’t always easy but keep your chin up and remember you can’t move forward by staying in the same place.

    Hugs and blessings from Cleveland. -Gina

  • Teenee

    More power and more blessings to you for 2012! 🙂