Dermalogica Clean Start skincare kit – Beauty in 2012 starts clean

Couldn’t think of a better product to kick off the year with.  Isn’t a Clean Start what we all wish for this 2012?

The Dermalogica Clean Start skincare starter kit offers 6 travel-size items that are part of the Dermalogica range specifically formulated for teens with sensitive and breakout-prone skin (am only going to feature 5, 1 item is just a sachet an not as essential).  I purchased this from StrawberryNet around October or November when holiday sales had begun.  The skin brand Dermalogica is available locally via Rustan’s but I’m not quite certain if they carry the clean start range, I didn’t see it there when I checked in the Alabang Town Center branch.  I was already due for skincare rotation and I opted for the Clean Start range because of my not so young, but young-looking highly sensitive skin.  I admit I’m not as confident barefaced as I used to be because of the aging that has begun around my eye area, but I can still get by.

Here’s a fun photo of me and Noelle aka Kikayrunner in Bohol, barefaced but super psyched.  I’m proud, because this is a phone photo from my Samsung Galaxy S, slightly blurred lang kami because it focused on the chair in the back.  We’re both 28 years old, we’ve known each other since we were 7.  It’s a valid photo because I’d already started using the range before we headed out to Bohol for a December 23 wedding, and I brought the items with me as well to use at the beach.  Read more to see the full post and know which items in Dermalogica’s Clean Start range are my favorites.

We’ll go by them one by one and I’ll give  quick but accurate opinions on each of them, alrighty? Ace Ventura: “ALRRRRIGHTY THEN!!!”

1. CLEANSING – Dermalogica Clean Start Wash Off 1.7 FL OZ/50ml

What Dermalogica says:  “A foaming wash for face, back, and chest.  Face the day with a clean slate!  This foaming facial wash clears away dead skin cells and extra oils to clean deep and banish breakouts from your face, back, or wherever.  Contains no artificial fragrance or color.”  a.m. + p.m., daily

What I say:  It’s simple, pleasant smelling (there’s a natural citrus/acidic odor) and it does foam but not as much or as quickly as regular drugstore cleansers, what I like is it’s not at all drying and the Salicylic acid helps prevent zits from forming. It’s a mild cleanser that will thoroughly cleanse but not strip your face of what it needs.

2. EXFOLIATING – Dermalogica Clean Start Ready, Set, Scrub! Off 0.5 FL OZ/15ml

What Dermalogica says: “It’s a masque, it’s a scrub, it’s a breakout-fighting, pore-refining duo that delivers smoother, clearer, and fresher skin.  Purifying clays pull excess oil from skin, deep cleaning pores and helping to control shine.  Silica polishes skin to a smoother, brighter finish, and scrubs away clogging dead skin cells.  Contains no artificial fragrance or color.”  a.m. 3-5 times a week.

What I say: This is one of my 2 favorites in the range.  It’s not like any more common type of exfoliating cream out there, yes it contains what you would call “graininess” but the exfoliating particles are quite fine, like sand but smaller than sand and there isn’t too much of it in the formulation.  The smell reminds me of a fragrant sunblock, the color is a creamy gray and I like that when I use it the scent reminds me of the beach.  My face feels smooth and clear of sitting dead skin afterwards.

3. MOISTURIZE AND MATTIFY – Dermalogica Clean Start Welcome Matte SPF15 0.5 FL OZ/15ml

What Dermalogica says: “An extraordinary, lightweight lotion that won’t clog pores, helps keep skin clear and shine-free, and protects from skin-aging UV rays. a.m. daily.  No artificial fragrance or color.”

What I say: This is my 2nd favorite product from the kit I got.  It’s  moisturizer that mattifies your skin and makes it feel soft and supple.  My only wish is that its SPF was a bit higher, like about double at 30.

4. CLEAR AND FIGHT –  Dermalogica Clean Start Bedtime for Breakouts 0.5 FL OZ/15ml

What Dermalogica says: “This super-stealth treatment absorbs quickly to wipe out breakouts below the surface.  This delivers a potent blend of botanicals to wipe out future breakouts lurking below the surface.  No artificial fragrance or color.” p.m., daily.

What I say: I’m not particularly happy bout this one, probably coz I don’t need it and when I tried it I got a small rash, very mild only because the less products my face uses the better.  But this works best on teenagers like my brother who need extra help fighting acne while they sleep.

I’ll leave out the All Over Clear Spray for now because it’s basically just a spray toner and right now the bottle is with my mom because she’s spraying it on my brother’s back upstairs.  Admittedly I ran out of time to finish the post and have to run to church.  I’ll add the All Over Clear spray later when I get back and maybe even the product in the sachet.  My favorites in the range as I mentioned are the Welcome Matte moisturizer (W-I-N) and the Ready, Set, Scrub exfoliant.  The complete starter kit cost about $50 or Php2100.00 on Strawberry net, for 6 products (didn’t show the Brightening moisturizer sachet) I think the kit is worth it if you want to give your teenager or your sensitive self a chance to try the Clean Start Range without getting the full sizes just yet, and the travel size ones come in pretty handy on a trip.  Gotta fly, edit this again later 🙂

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