Behind the Scenes – Georgina Wilson by Mark Nicdao for Tattoo

I was at a shoot again recently.  Mark Nicdao texted en route to the studio that he was happy to hear I’d be spying on him once again.  This time the smack-in-your-face gorgeous Georgina Wilson took front and center for the project.  I didn’t notice the mirror completely beside Mark ’til after I shot this so suddenly Hello, I’m in the photo, haha, see me?  Mark loved this photo so of course I put it up on top 🙂 “Hahahaha, Jules, it’s awesome, I like the one with you in it, put that one.”

The A Team (from left) – Hair: Raymond Santiago| MakeUp: Robbie Piñera | Style: Pam Quinones

Mark introduced me to the power packed group of styling friends he immensely enjoys working with.  I was a bit shy at first having seen their names constantly peppered all over my Twitter feed, especially Pam’s, but he told me to relax.  Mark quickly introduced me “Julia was the first person I met in U.P. as in on the first day, we were blockmates.”  then said “Relaks lang Juls, parang mga taga ‘Fine Arts’ sila”.

Harrison ad agency team on the left, Bambi and Reinard, heyo.  The styling team were quite warm and funny to hang out with plus super talented.  I felt very blessed on that day, to be allowed to watch all this unfold.  Read more to get to the juicy behind the scene bits!  Prepare for a photo overload, I won’t say much.

I remember seeing Georgina’s  metal tipped Zara blouse worn by Rumi Neely aka Fashion Toast, see it HERE.  I bet lots of you may not be aware that Georgina is a self-professed BEAUTY junkie and that took me a bit by surprise.  We had a long chat as she was getting ready.  Beauty items are what make her tick ever more so than clothes, bags, or shoes.  In fact she was booked for a flight to Shanghai the very next day to head to their major Sephora boutique.   Here’s a quick glimpse of Robbie Piñera’s stash.

Georgina likes to travel in search of beauty items she’s unable to find locally and to her delight her ever growing cosmetic collection profits from each fun trip abroad.  She was delighted to hear for the first time about the Urban Decay Naked2 palette from me since she was soon bound for Sephora.  When I asked w”hat her fave beauty item is for the moment she says “Oh the new one from Benefit, the tint thing, not the pink one, the peachy one…yes, yes CHA CHA tint.  On regular days I don’t really wear lipstick but I like this one and I have to do my eyebrows, that’s it.  But I still love lipstick, I’d also like to revive the classic red lipstick MAC Lady Danger, people don’t realize that it is such a great lipstick.”

MAC Lady Danger lipstick

Mark with Mark – Associate Creative Director from Harrison, Mark Pahati prepares the frame for the shot with Mark Nicdao.

Soft waves and big curls signed by the talented hairdresser, Raymond Santiago…oohh, I spy a world-class hair spray!  As confirmed by ITG HERE.

Costume change!

Robbie Piñera darkens Georgina’s eyes for the second layout. Smokylicious, and oh so pretty.

And I do believe this was one of the options for the final shot.

Together with Nonito Donaire and Miggy Chavez of ChicoSci, Georgina Wilson presents the all new more powerful Tattoo 4G capable broadband stick.  The word that comes to mind is LAKAS based on their poses.  I wasn’t reeled in by the brand or fed that word, the arms really communicate LAKAS or “strength” to moi.  I had a privileged opportunity thanks to Harrison Communications to observe the shoot, also because of my friendship with Mark, and by my own request I shot behind the scenes photos.  It was fun and it was relevant to take in for the beauty-loving lot of you.



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