Marilyn Monroe’s Handwritten 1955 Resolutions List – A Worthwhile Repost

Thanks to Mom for pointing me in the direction of this.  Something as personal as this by the once ever glamorous and intriguing Marilyn Monroe is certainly something that pulls you in.  I sincerely think it’s no hoax.  Reposting from HERE.  Image of her handwritten resolutions below.

Although not quite neat they read as a very sincere sort of resolutions list with a few charming grammatical errors.  The handwriting strikes me as that of someone humble who’s aware of the big load she carries and plows through with lots of thought as to how she can improve herself.  I’m no penmanship expert, I simply speak as an artist and how I perceive the manuscript to be.  It’s hard to make out at first but when you look closer it’s still quite legible.



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