Bare Escentuals Force of Beauty Casting – Best Cosmetic Video Campaign of 2011

Alright, permit me to still do my Best of-s of 2011, it’s still January ok?  It’s a no brainer when a cosmetic campaign grabs us visually, they’re supposed to, but it’s a rarer occasion when a cosmetic campaign grabs you by the heart and selects its campaign models without even seeing them first, yes, I know you’re confused.  Bare Escentuals, the mother company of mineral makeup, launched their Force of Beauty campaign 4 months ago and focused on the championing of inner beauty which pervades and supercedes any physical form of pretty we ever behold.  Pretty is simply not enough.

Bare Escentuals spearheaded a selection process in search of 5 wonderful resilient women to herald their Force of Beauty campaign without any idea of their appearance.  They researched, listened, and then later, they saw :).  My mom and I fell in love with the idea of the campaign and the testimonials of the women who ultimately became the five Bare Escentuals’ Force of Beauty faces.  Watch the casting here and I’ve posted below the casting video the video testimonial of my favorite Force of Beauty lady, Lauren, with links to the other women at the bottom :).  When watching, it’s best to have some tissue nearby, I got so touched.

 Lauren’s Story

 You can watch Andrea, Darlene, Keri, and Melanie’s videos by clicking on their names in this sentence in bold.

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