Bag it Clearly and Brightly – Furla Candy Satchels

These Furla Candy Satchels aren’t mine.  I don’t really obsess over bags because I’m too specific about what I like in a bag and because…they’re bags.  As long as the ones I have still work, most of which don’t have designer names, I pile stuff in and work them till they look weary and loved.  I don’t like bags over-sized because I’m not that huge and I want to be the star, and I don’t want a bag too small because I won’t be able to survive the day.

The colorless one I find gives me a lot of ideas for customization, that bag in a shade of zero might get more use from me than warranted.  And how bout one in Pantone’s luscious declared color of the year Tangerine Tango? I wish I could say the first photo is mine but it isn’t, I simply spotted these Furla candy bags for the first time so I’m just linking to them. These Furla candy satchels may not be the newest IT ladies in the scene, but I quite admire their size and shape, and since brights are practically back I don’t mind the neon shades either, and I do believe these are water resistant and beach worthy.  Furla Candy Satchels are also available in beautiful finishes of patent and aren’t all neon colored.


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  • Quite cute! But I’d rather have more opaque bags. It feels like my whole soul can be seen through these 😀

  • I have one in Dragonfruit Pink. It’s kinda’ heavy on it’s own, and gets heavier if you start loading it with stuff. Nevertheless, I’m in love with mine. It’s very pretty, and every person who sees it can’t help but notice my candy bauletto. It’s an LE bag though, but I saw a pink one at Furla GB5 yesterday. Excess stock, I guess. 🙂

    The clear one is thief- friendly though. LOL!

    I’d love to have the blue one. It’s so vintage. 🙂