You ask, the Pinoy Boy Answers – Hey der Spi-der, Guess who’s coming to visit?

In exactly 7 days, if all is well, we’ll be having a hyper and happy Pinoy boy visitor come over to our home for breakfast (probably also to sample Mom’s highly acclaimed cooking).  He also wanted to just chill, hang out, and explore the area for native ant species since we live out of town.  Who knows, he might even help me improve on my authentic Filipino accent.  Have you guessed who yet?  Btw, I didn’t take this photo, but it’s one of my favorites of him kasi simple lang and my friend, Rita Abiog, was the one who designed the Choose Philippines campaign shirt.  Photo Credit to  Yeah, you got it, our Pinoy boy Mikey Bustos will be here.  And I’m eating Chicharron ni Mang Juan as I eat this seriously, I grabbed a bag semi-unconsciously before writing this.  Below this post send in your questions for Mikey making sure they’re decent and in-line with the 5 topics I mention at the bottom.

I tweeted Mikey bout an idea for indirect interaction between him and my lovely blog readers, he consented, YEY.  🙂

Mikey and I have planned to video ourselves pulling 10 or more questions out of “a hat” or whatever is available (hopefully all goes as planned, please don’t kill me if it doesn’t succeed) and he will read out the name and question and answer beri sincerely, right Mikey?

QUESTION TOPICS FOR MIKEY (We’d appreciate it if you put your name, age, and location) 🙂

1.) Personal Care and/or What’s In His Bag

2.) Girls and their hair and makeup

3.) Mikey Recommends (Ask Mikey for advice, man to wo-man)

4.) Mikey’s Favorite _________ e.g. “What’s your favorite…”

5.) Mikey Act 1 (Get Mikey to act it out in 1 minute) e.g. “Be a guy late for his date because a flat tire blew out”

I think this is going to turn out really funny if we get it right.  I might use our family’s Flip HD to video the whole thing so that it’s crisp and high quality and then will post that video for all to watch!  Please keep the questions easy to read and understand 🙂  Post those questions as comments below and I’ll be writing/ printing out the first 50 (if it reaches that many) for Mikey to pull and answer.  Let’s make this happen, girls…


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